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How to Blog

Gone are the days when the blogs written by candlelight and stored under the pillow. Long ago, blogs have become a public place.

A lot of people are subject to the rule? If you visited the idea, post it her !?

Let us examine where and how it is possible to post almost anything that comes to mind.

You will need

  • Computer, Internet



To start a personal blog on the Internet,Select a blog platform that is best for you. This can be Livejournal, Liveinternet, Dairy, and others. There is a very well-known and not very widely promoted platform for journals. Each of them has developed a specific community of users and different from other style of diaries. Read a few blogs in each segment to understand the specifics and find the one that matches your mood and purpose.


On the main page of each of these sites have a link? To create an account? or? create an account ?. We are here. Click on the button and follow the instructions.


You will be prompted to fill in the standard form: username, email address, password (in its creation should go vnimatelno- on most Internet resources to create blogs have automatic check password strength? it will appear next to the relevant line), sex, date of birth and other personal details. Before you enter the code, and keep the information, read the rules of the site and the user agreement, will agree with that, you need to create a blog on this site, or opt out if any item you are not satisfied.


After registration you will get an email address, which will contain a link to activate your account. Simply click on it and start to use your blog.


Go to the settings of your profile tosupplemented, if desired, personal information. Also you can choose the design journal. By signing up, you get the ability to add other users to friends, subscribe to newsletters, join the community. And, of course, finally blogging on the Internet.

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