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How to make a blog


How to make a blog</a>

Gone are the days when diaries were written by candlelight and stored under a pillow. Long ago, blogs have become a public place.

Do a lot of people obey the rule? If you are visited by an idea, post it !?

We'll figure out where and how you can post almost everything that comes to your mind.

You will need

  • Computer, Internet



To have a personal diary on the Internet,Select the blog platform that suits you best. It can be Livejournal, Liveinternet, Dairy, etc. There are both very well-known and not very popular platforms for diaries. Each of them has a certain community of users and a different style of keeping diaries. Read a few blogs in each segment to understand the specifics and find one that matches your mood and goals.


On the home page of each of these sites there is a link? Create an account? Or? Register ?. To us here. Click on the button and follow the instructions.


You will be asked to fill out the standard form: User name, e-mail address, password (it is worthwhile to approach it carefully, most of the Internet resources for creating blogs have automatic verification of password strength, it will appear next to the corresponding line), gender, date of birth and other personal data. Before you enter the code and save the information, read the site rules and user agreement that you will need to agree with to create a blog on this site, or refuse if any item does not suit you.


After registration, you will receive an email to the specified email address, which will contain a link to activate your account. Go through it and start using your blog.


Go to your profile settings toSupplement, if desired, personal information. Also you can choose a diary design. After registering, you get the opportunity to add other users to your friends, subscribe to the newsletter, join the community. And, of course, at last to conduct your blog on the Internet.

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