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How to make black eyes


Try to make an Arabian makeup</a>

Black eyes are expressive by their very nature, and do not require serious make-up.

But if your eyes are of a different color, but do you want to have the magnetic look of the black-eyed Shahrezady? It is not necessary to buy black lenses for this.

There are some secrets of "combat coloring" that will make your eyes darker.

You will need

  • Tone for the face
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Liquid eyeliner or soft contour with applicator
  • Shadows
  • Mascara.



Do makeup in Arabic style or under?A female vamp? - He focuses on black eyes. The basis of this make-up? This is an even complexion. Against the backdrop of a slightly flickering skin of a light tone, Shahrezady's eyes? Will look especially impressive. Do not forget to emphasize the line of the eyebrows, to enhance the effect of your mysterious eyes. It should be clear and slightly elongated and to the nose, and to the temples.


Drop your eyes. This is the most responsible part of the makeup for black eyes. You can use liquid carbon fiber piping or a soft contour pencil.

? Eyelashes along the line of the eyelashes circle around the top and bottom so that the eyes become almond-shaped ("cat's squint"). The liquid line should not be too greasy.

? With a soft contour you can make? Smoky? Eyes. To do this, gently blend the applicator line with the applicator. Smoky eyes are obtained with a smooth transition of tones from black to gray.


Choose shadows depending on the natural color of the eyes, hair and skin. To get the effect of black eyes:

? Dark-eyed women are best suited colors of chocolate and olives, creamy beige, caramel. This make-up will look more natural.

? To the light-eyed ladies? Golden, purple, purple, green, gray tones. These are expressive shades that will make your image more glamorous.

? Swarthy beauties? Olive brown, and light-skinned? Blue, green and gray shadows.

? Use the shadows of one color scheme! Dark eyes charmingly glitter, if the shadows have the effect of radiance.


Apply densely with a broad brushTone on the inner corner of the century. Smoothly move to a darker tone towards the outer edge. Shadows should lie on the entire upper eyelid to the eyebrow and under the lower eyelashes.


Paint the upper eyelashes with two or three layersCoal-black carcass. One layer is enough for the lower eyelashes. If you choose dark brown mascara, then it will make your image softer and flirty. Is this the final chord? You have made yourself black eyes. The natural dark iris began to look almost black, and the light-eyed beauty will produce a visual effect of the dark-eyed diva.

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