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How to make a black background in a photo in Photoshop

How to make a black background in a photo in Photoshop

Graphic Editor «Adobe Photoshop» allows you to create literally any image and edit ready.

For example, you can set a black background instead of the one used previously.



Open the image, the background to doblack. Create a separate duplicate layer by selecting the function Duplicate layer, and make invisible layer containing the original image by the eye icon in the image layer.


Navigate to the instrument occupies eraser, allowingwashed background (Background eraser tool), on the toolbar and select the appropriate size of the eraser. Select a higher stiffness, and set the "Tolerance" line a value of 40%.


Start gently wash around the object in the backgroundimage, hover the pointer over it in the form of an eraser and pressing the right button. Immediately after the removal of the main areas of the background reduce the current size of the brush and lower the level of rigidity. So you can remove the background color along the silhouette of your subject more accurately.


Once the background is completely removed, goInstrument fill (Fill) and fill it with black background from the cleared area, thus creating a new layer. Then you can zoom in and examine it carefully for defects, pre-clearing background area. If you have left over from the old background dots and spots again use the background eraser and walk to these places.


Use the function "Shadow / Light" in the menu"Correction" to make the image brightness uniformity. In the window that opens, navigate to the field of "Light" and being in her "Effect" settings, "Radius" and "width of tonal range." Click on the item "View" and sliders to adjust the settings, trying to evenly dim contours of the object on a black background.

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