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How to make a billboard


How to make a billboard</a>

Bigboards or large billboards attract the looks of car drivers and their passengers passing by.

They are located at the intersection of streets, near traffic lights and especially those places where there is the greatest traffic.

How to create a billboard correctly?

You will need

  • - Billboard-
  • - A banner with advertising.



Define the main parameters of your billboard: The number of its sides, their location, the size of the advertising field, the main design of the shield. For example, usually a large billboard has two sides, A - to meet the movement and B - against it. This can depend on the effectiveness of advertising and its cost. The advertising of the billboard located on the side of A will be evaluated more expensive, as advertising on the opposite side prevents drivers from focusing their attention on the road.


Think about how advertising on a billboard will beRepresent your company or the services offered. Advertising should be memorable, with a clearly expressed idea, to influence the subconscious of the viewer, since the time of contact with it can only take a few seconds. All this determines the features of designing your billboard.


Highlight the main goals of advertising. Primary of them will be the primary attraction of the audience's attention. The next target is already its reminder. Next, the main task of the billboard will be the motivation of potential buyers to action, that is, to the implementation of the purchase. And, finally, the last thing a big board should do is to maintain the turnover at the reached level. Since the duration of contact of consumers with advertising on the billboard is small, then the billboard must be created recognizable and not overload with information. Therefore, take it very seriously to make an original layout.


Begin to print advertising. It is carried out on a banner (banner fabric) with a density of up to 570 microns, in case the advertising company plans a repeat share in the future. Optimal printing on paper basis becomes only in the dry season and the duration of the advertising campaign should be no more than a month.

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