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How to make a hive

How to make a hive

For breeding bees to produce honey are best frame hives.

This hive beekeeper can inspect the bee colony, to pump out the honey without killing the bees, increase the number of frames during the honey harvest.

Framework hive can be purchased ready, and can be done independently.



Before you start making the hive,you must accurately mark all? details of all the hives in the apiary should be interchangeable so that at any moment it was possible to build a beehive, to replace a broken part or transplant the family together with honey frames. The best material for the manufacture of hives? spruce, pine, lime, poplar and others. To make the hive durable material must be carefully selected. Boards should be planed smooth, dry, free from cracks, knots and wormholes.


The basic elements of a standard hive: body, where the frame are placed. Maybe not with detachable bottom or without a bottom, which is made otdelno- extension with additional removable ramkami- krysha- own frame.


The enclosure should be constructed in such a way thatIt was not in the walls of the slots. It is best to make a hive of decking. The housing should be the upper and lower tap hole, to ensure ventilation of the hive. Extension should be ideally suited to the size of the hive body. The roof should be covered from the top with iron or roofing material.


This framework is the main part of the beehive. Frame must be square and of such size that the lower part of it did not reach to the bottom of the hive is 9 mm. The distance between the frames should be strictly 7-10 mm. If these dimensions are smaller or larger than, the bees begin to lay their propolis, spending their strength in the production of honey.


Beehive must serve at least 10 years. To do this, you need to carefully handle the wood and varnish every 2-3 years to paint it. If the hive for some reason is not used, it should be stored in a cool dry place.


Many beekeepers experimenting with material andI try to make beehives of vinyl. However, plastic bee bite, and the hive deteriorating rapidly. So, the tree remains the best material for the hives.

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