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How to make a hive


How to make a hive</a>

For the breeding of bees for the purpose of obtaining honey, frame hives are best suited.

In this beehive the beekeeper can inspect the bee family, pump out honey without destroying the bees, and increase the number of frames during the honey collection.

The frame hive can be purchased ready, and you can do it yourself.



Before you start making a hive,Is it necessary to accurately mark everything up? Details of all beehives in the apiary should be used interchangeably so that at any time it is possible to build up the hive, replace the broken part or transplant the family together with the honey frames. The best material for making hives? Spruce, pine, linden, poplar and others. In order to make the hive durable, you must carefully choose the material. The boards should be smoothly planed, dry, without cracks, knots and wormholes.


The basic elements of a standard hive: The frame where the frames are placed. Can be with a non-detachable bottom or without a bottom, which is made separately-extensions with additional frames-a removable roof-the frames themselves.


The body must be designed in such a way thatThere were no cracks in the walls. It is best to make a hive from a pile of boards. In the case, there should be an upper and lower flaps, providing ventilation of the hive. Extensions should ideally fit the body of the hive. The roof must be covered with iron or roofing material.


It is the frames that are the main part of the beeBeehive. The frame must be square and of such size that the lower part of it does not reach the bottom of the hive by 9 mm. The distance between the frames should be strictly 7-10 mm. If these sizes are smaller or larger, the bees begin to lay them with propolis, spending their strength not on the production of honey.


The beehive must serve not less than 10 years. To do this, you need to carefully process the tree with linseed oil and paint it once every 2-3 years. If the hive is not used for some reason, then it should be stored in a cool dry place.


Many beekeepers experiment with the material andTry to make hives from vinyl. However, the bees gnaw the plastic, and the hive quickly deteriorates. So, wood remains the best material for making hives.

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