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How to make a bed-closet yourself?


Lifting bed - a compact solution for small bedrooms</a>

In the modern interior design many people prefer simplicity and compactness.

It will not seem strange to anyone, if in a small bedroom instead of an ordinary bed there will be a bed-wardrobe.

In such a piece of furniture there is a huge practical sense, because then a lot of space is saved.

You can make a bed-wardrobe from an ordinary wardrobe.

You will need:
-polar tools-
-Wooden boards-
Hook and loop.

Preparing the cabinet

Remove the door or door from the cabinet. Remove all shelves and hangers from the inside. Wash the cupboard inside and, if necessary, paint it. Measure the sides of the cabinet inside and the width of the doorway to determine the size of the mattress.

Usually the size of the opening of the cabinet door is 70 cm in width and 185 cm in height. In the wide cabinets, where 2 doors are built, this opening will be 140 cm and 185 cm respectively.

The back wall of the cabinet can be painted, pastedWallpaper or wallpaper to make a beautiful "headboard". The height of this decoration should be 75 cm from the floor. You can make a wooden panel or use any other covering material as a headboard. Fasten the panel to the wall with a drill, latches and screws.

Casing of the bed

From the tree, make a frame for the bed. It is better to use pine as a material. Connect the four brackets to the corner brackets. When constructing a single bed, the length of the longitudinal board is 180 cm, width 8 cm, thickness 2 cm. Similarly, the dimensions of the cross board are 66 cm / 8 cm / 2 cm. Put on the frame on top of the plywood and drill a few test holes every 25 cm with a drill. Secure the plywood sheet with screws. Before continuing, check the frame for stability and evenness. If there is a desire, you can paint the body of the bed with paint.

Installation of the hinge and hook for the lifting bed

On the floor from the middle of the wall inside the cabinet measure11 cm, make a note. This is the space where the bed and accessories will fit. If carpet is on the floor at this point, cut it with a knife. It is desirable that the floor is clean and wooden. Screw the loop or hinge with screws to the bottom of the bed frame where the head will be located. Attach the loop to the mark on the floor inside the cabinet and screw it to the floor.
On the bed frame also mark the place forLoop, for which you can hook the hook. Screw the loop. Raise the bed and mark on the wall the place where the hook will be fastened. Attach the hook to the wall. Unhook the hook and loop, and lower the bed.

If space in the closet allows, add cozy touches. Put books on the shelves for reading before bed, aroma lamp and stand for a mobile phone. Do not put candles inside the cabinet. It is not safe.

Now it can be put a mattress and sleepingaccessories. Check if the bed with all accessories fits into the cupboard. If you need to fix or change something, do it. The bed-closet is ready.

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