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Bed-podium - it's beautiful and stylish

Bed? It is the main subject of any bedroom. Probably, most of the house is the most common bed of particle board or wood.

So, this is not very perceptible subjectFurniture you can make a wonderful bed-podium, which instantly transform the interior of your bedroom and brings it easy whiff of a mysterious and far East.

To learn how to make a bed-podium, we now discuss.

You will need

  • A hammer-
  • Flat screwdriver-
  • Chisel-
  • Bokorezy-
  • Screwdriver and samorezy-
  • Elektrolobzik-
  • Pencil-
  • Ruler.



The first thing you will need to disassemble the frame?experimental? bed, from which you will make bed-podium. There are many models, so that the actual order of the actions required to disassemble the bed frame may be different from that described in this article. The legs of the bed can be separate and twist-off. And if these do not have legs, their role is carried back to the longitudinal a wooden pillar. This option we will consider.


If the design includes specialhooks that are inserted into the slots on the dismantling of you will spend only several minutes. Bend the metal brackets that connect the headboard to the frame, using a chisel with a hammer. Then separate the ends of the staples side cutters. They can be partially dislodge the hammer, then pick up a screwdriver and remove.


Now define the height of the bed-podium. If you are satisfied with the height of the side walls, then it will have a podium height. There arises the need to saw wood longitudinal support up to the height of the side walls. Measure the height of this side wall, and then drag the resulting distance on the support and saw off the excess with a hacksaw or jigsaw for wood.


Assemble the frame again. Put on top of the plywood sheets, secure them with screws. Small holes in the walls of the carcass that remained from the staples are almost invisible. But if you wish, cover the wooden plugs and cover with varnish. Finally, put a mattress and frame favorite Cover the bed.

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