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How to make a bed


Bed-podium - it's beautiful and stylish</a>

The bed? This is the main subject of any bedroom. Probably, most houses have the most usual bed of particleboard or wood.

So, from this not very noticeable subjectFurniture you can make a wonderful bed-podium, which instantly transforms the interior of your bedroom and brings in it a light breath of the mysterious and distant East.

We will now talk about how to make a podium bed.

You will need

  • A hammer-
  • Flat screwdriver-
  • Chisel-
  • Side cutters-
  • Screwdriver and self-
  • Electric Jig-
  • Pencil-
  • Ruler.



First thing you will need to disassemble the frame?Experimental? A bed from which you will make a podium bed. There are many models, so the order of the actual actions necessary to disassemble the bed frame may differ from that described in this article. The legs at the bed can be separate and twisted. And if there are no such legs, their role is played back with a longitudinal wooden support. We will consider this variant.


If the design includes specialHooks that are inserted into the grooves, you will spend only a few minutes to dismantle them. Bend back the metal brackets that connect the headboards to the frame, using a chisel with a hammer. Then cut off the ends of the brackets with the side cutters. They can be partially knocked out with a hammer, then pick up with a screwdriver and remove.


Now determine the height of the podium bed. If you are comfortable with the height of the side walls, then this will be your height podium. Here, it becomes necessary to saw the longitudinal wooden support to the height of the side walls. Measure the height of the side wall for this, then transfer the resulting distance to the support and saw off the excess with an electric jigsaw or a wood hacksaw.


Assemble the frame again. Lay the sheets of plywood on top, fix them with self-tapping screws. Small holes on the walls of the frame that remained of the staples are almost invisible. But if you have a desire, cover them with wooden caps and cover with varnish. Finally, put the favorite mattress on the frame and cover the bed.

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