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How to make beautiful manicure


How to make beautiful manicure</a>

An ideal woman always watches her hands, and especially her fingernails. But for a good effect, nails need to be given special attention.

A lot of girls and women prefer to do a manicure on their own.

The process itself is very exciting and interesting, apart from all this activity calms, well develops imagination and creative thinking.



To make a good and beautiful manicure, You need to have some tools. It is very important to have a good nail file, the best are the saws with either a rubber or cardboard base. Fing nails when they are wet - not recommended, so you can ruin their structure. Need to dry your nails and start work.


To shape the nail, it is necessary, depending on theForms of fingers. To nails had a mirror shine can be processed with their polishing nail file. Usually they are quadrilateral, each of them is marked - for the correct sequence of grinding.


The next step will be cutting the cuticle, sinceHer look makes the nails a little careless. On dry cut the cuticle can not, first you need to treat it with a special gel, if it is not available, then it is best to make warm soapy water, you can with the addition of glycerin and hold your hands in it. Only after this cuticle should be removed by a rubber spatula (or the one that is available), and only then cut the excess skin.


Also, after steaming hands to removeBurrs. It is necessary to wipe your hands dry and use disinfected tweezers having trihedral tips to remove burrs. After this procedure, cut the cuts with cologne or alcohol. At this procedure with the nails end.


The next thing is choosing a varnish.
If you decide to do manicure Using several varnish colors, thenIt is necessary to take into account the fact that the most basic lacquer should match the color with the clothes and make-up. When choosing bright colors of varnish, you can win in that when it is applied, small errors will not be too visible. When applying bright colors, it is necessary to work very carefully, because any oversight will be very noticeable. Young girls going to a party can use bright and rich colors of varnishes, and you can also use piercings. For business women, it is necessary to select the varnish very carefully, so that at the business meeting the nails are not attracted too much attention.


Before applying the lacquer is best to useLacquer base. In this case, the effect of the decorative varnish will not damage the nails. After the varnish-base has dried, it is possible to apply the selected color varnish. Begin painting the nail from the middle, and then go to the edges. After this layer dries, you can think about the next coating (drawing, rhinestones). The subsequent actions depend only on the imagination. By doing manicure, Use only your creativity, it will be an excellent option, because no such marigolds will be no one else.


Look after your beautiful hands and nails once a week. This will lead to good results, and your hands will look fine.

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