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How to make a beautiful manicure

How to make a beautiful manicure

The ideal woman is always watching his own hands, and in particular nail. But to good effect nails need special attention.

Many girls and women prefer to do your own manicure.

The process itself is very entertaining and interesting, besides all this activity calms, well developed imagination and creative thinking.



To make a good and beautiful manicureIt is necessary to have some tools. It is very important to have a good nail file, nail files are the best ever with rubber or with a cardboard base. File nails when they are damp - not recommended because they can cause damage to the structure. It is necessary to dry the nails and start working.


To shape the nail, it is necessary, depending on theshaped fingers. To have your nails luster polishing can treat their nail file. Usually they are four-sided, each of them marked - for the correct grinding sequence.


The next step is cutting the cuticle, asit kind of makes your nails a little careless. For dry cuticles should not be cut, you must first treat it with a special gel, if this is not available, it is best to make a warm, soapy water, can be supplemented with glycerol and hold hands in it. Only after that the cuticle is necessary to push a rubber spatula (or one that is available), and then cut the excess skin.


Also, after steaming the hands you want to removeburrs. It is necessary to wipe your hands dry and deburring to use disinfected tweezers with triangular tips. After this procedure, treat the cuts cologne or alcohol. This procedure ends with nails.


The next point is the choice of varnish.
If you decide to do manicure using multiple colors of lacquer, thenIt must take into account the fact that the most basic lacquer, should harmonize with the color of clothing and makeup. When choosing light-colored nail polish can be won in that when applied will not be too visible small errors. When applied to bright colors, it is necessary to work very carefully, because any mistake will be very evident. Young girl going to a party, you can enjoy the bright and saturated colors lacquers, can also be used and piercings. Business women must be chosen very carefully polish to the nails at a business meeting did not attract too much attention.


Before applying the varnish is best to uselacquer base. In this case, the effects of the decorative lacquer not damage nails. After drying, the base lacquer can be applied to the selected color nail polish. Start painting from the middle of the nail, and then go to the edges. Once this layer is dry, you can think about the next coating (drawing, crystals). The subsequent actions depend only on existing fantasy. making manicureUse only your creativity will be an excellent choice, because these nails will not be no one else.


Treat once a week for its beautiful hands and nails. This will lead to good results, and your hands will look fine.

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