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How to make a beautiful hairstyle

How to make a beautiful hairstyle

Every fashionista dreams of a beautiful hair, but hair is the basis of any hairstyle.

Therefore it is very important that not only the hairstyle suits you, but also complement and decorate your complete image.



Beautiful hairstyle to do is very simple. In this matter there are two ways: a haircut on their own or turn to professionals.

Make a haircut itself is very difficult, asyou will not be able to see themselves from the outside. This solution is appropriate in that case when it comes to trimming bangs, or, for example, a haircut "Cascade". In order to trim the bangs should:
1) Wash golovu-
2) determine the type of bangs: direct or kosaya-
3) take a large mirror and convenient nozhnitsy-
4) to cut off excess hair, pre-soaking them-
5) dry bangs hairdryer.


Haircut "Cascade" is very easy to perform. To begin wash your hair. Then zacheshite wet hair on the face and lean forward so that the tips of your hair creating a straight line. Scissors clip the right amount of hair in a straight line. Due to the fact that the hair was combed forward, when you return to the starting position the strands will form a ladder.


If your friend has asked to cut it,your circle of possibilities expands dramatically. Very fashionable hairstyle "From short to long," easy to perform. To start with the Department of External upper strand of hair from the inner bottom. This can be done using the gum, and then the top hair should be cut so that they formed a magnificent cap, and the lower trim. Mowing is ready.


Not less popular haircut "Spiral". This haircut for short hair. Strands from the left side of the head to cut you short, and then moving to the right side, making them more long.


Do not be difficult for you and simply trimhair. To do this, comb the strands so that they lay down in his place. Then, carefully cut with scissors split ends. If the hair is straight, then cut the straight line, and if a haircut meant different length strands, then save the form haircuts.


Any cut should be done on wet hair, as you can see the real length of hair, and after the completion of the hair is necessary to lay a hairdryer.


The rest of the check with the master-barber. After all, he is a professional and should understand the structure of hair, and, therefore, to know what hairstyle will suit you, and what your girlfriend.

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