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How to make flowerbeds beautiful


Beautiful flowerbed</a>

Flower beds are flower oases of the garden. They can be made so beautiful that they will look like a picturesque picture.

For this, no special monetary costs are required.

The main thing is to have the seed and the tools available.

You will need

  • - seeds of annuals-
  • - tubers, bulbs perennials-
  • - shovel-
  • - The material for fringing.



With regard to planting material, this articleCosts can be minimal. Every year gardeners plant perennial flowers. You can use your grown perennials or ask friendly neighbors for a dacha, or better - make an exchange with them.


If perennial plants are planted on a flower bed, thenYou need to think about how to make this picturesque corner beautiful from the spring to the beginning of autumn. To do this, you can plant tulips, daffodils, which will please from late April to mid-May.


Then they can be replaced by peonies, then - lilies, low varieties of roses. In late summer - early autumn, the perennial flowerbed will not be empty either. At that time dahlias and chrysanthemums will be on it.


If you want to plant on the bed annuals, thenThis is also a fairly simple task. It is enough to buy 5-7 packages with different seeds. Some of them (zinnia, astra, petunia) must first be planted in seedlings, and others - you can immediately land in the middle-end of May.


Will help make the flower bed beautiful its originalthe form. It can be not only round, but also curved, of any geometric shape. Effectively looks columbarium, which has the shape of an animal, an insect, a heart, a household item.


The fringed columbarium looks beautiful. They can be covered with bricks, tiles, stones, painted pieces of non-thick logs. If it is not, then take the bottom from the plastic bottle and decorate the edges of the flower clearing with this handy material.


The combination of colors also plays an important role in the design. White color is universal. Plants of such shades perfectly mellow with red, yellow, lilac. The yellow-red flower bed looks festive.


It is necessary that plants combine in height. Low curb grades (marigolds, daisies, primula) plant around the edges. They will create a velvety fringing. In the center, tea-hybrid roses, phloxes, lilies and other tall plants can be displayed.

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