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How to make beautiful flower beds

Beautiful flowerbed

Flowerbeds - flower garden oasis. They can be so beautiful that they will be similar to the tableau.

It does not need any special expensive.

The main thing is to have a seed, and the means at hand.

You will need

  • - Seeds odnoletnikov-
  • - Tubers, bulbs mnogoletnikov-
  • - lopata-
  • - Material for the border.



As for the inoculum, and then the articlecosts can be minimized. Each year, gardeners are seated perennial flowers. You can use your overgrown perennials or ask a friendly neighbor to testify, but better - to make them exchange.


If a bed is planted perennials, thenyou need to think about how to make this a picturesque place was beautiful from spring to early autumn. To do this, you can plant tulips, daffodils, which will delight from late April to mid-May.


Then they can change the peonies, and then - lilies, roses are low grade. In the late summer - early autumn perennial flowerbed too will not be empty. At this time, it will show off dahlias and chrysanthemums.


If you want to sit on a bed annuals, thenit is also a relatively easy task. 5-7 acquire enough packets with different seeds. Some of them (tsinniyu, aster, petunia) must first be put on the seedlings, and others - can immediately be in the mid to end of May to plant a permanent place.


It will help to make it a beautiful original flower bedthe form. It may be not only circular, but also curved, of any geometrical shape. Effectively looks columbarium, having an animal shape, insect, heart, everyday items.


Beautifully looks fringed columbarium. They can be lined with brick, tile, stone, colored chunks not thick logs. If not, then take from the bottom of a plastic bottle and complete the edges of flower glade these materials at hand.


The combination of colors also plays an important role in the design. White color - is universal. Plants such shades perfectly overcame with red, yellow, lilac. Yellow and red flower bed looks festive.


It is essential that the plants were combined and height. Low grade fillets (marigolds, daisies, primrose) plant at the edges. They will create a velvet edging. In the center can show off hybrid tea roses, phlox, lilies and other tall plants.

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