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How to make a beautiful fence

How to make a beautiful fence

Make a beautiful original fence with his handsIt may not be very easy, but the pleasure you get from the process. Fence - an integral part of the landscape design, it should enhance the beauty of your site, to make it complete in form and content.

The fence should be consistent with the overall style.

You can use the same materials as in the decoration of the house, several repeat patterns and lines previously used in the design area.



Fence gives a sense of security, but remember - build too high a fence on a small area is dangerous, since instead of a sense of security you get the effect of the well. The optimum height fenceand - two meters.


The most traditional is the wooden Russian fence. Wood fence can be any shape: you can do it from the fence, continuous, weave it. To wooden fence It was more durable, make the foundation for it. Wood combines well with stone and brick. For wood fenceand the need antiseptic impregnation.


Want to fence "for centuries"? Run it from the brick. This fence is durable and reliable. Masonry is also underway on the foundations. Brick fences can be solid and curly, barsYou can decorate the tiles. Gates in this case it is necessary to pick up iron. Good look with brick elements of forging. Just do not overdo it. Forging should not be too much - it's decor.


Do not forget about the live fence. It is often used for decoration fences of the iron mesh or the fence. Hedges can be either configured sheared, or simply "wild" when the number of plants closes your site from prying eyes.

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