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How to make a beautiful Christmas tree on the wall

How to make a beautiful Christmas tree on the wall

Decorate your home with unusual New Year Christmas tree on the wall.

During the year, it is still not time to remind you of Christmas and New Year holidays.

You will need

  • - Scissors
  • - Color-colored letters and animals
  • - Marker or pencil
  • - Printed greetings on the New Year
  • - Adhesive colored paper or colorful adhesive tape
  • - Ruler
  • - PVA glue



Each of the letters and animals cut out of colored paper. You can also use clippings from newspapers and magazines.


On the wall with a pencil and a ruler, draw a pattern of spruce. Be careful, use the eraser if necessary.


Put a little glue on your figure and carefully glue it to the desired location.


Leave enough space between the pieces to be able to read your New Year's greetings. It is best placed in the middle, so it will be more noticeable.


Once you are done with applying, erase the pencil ornament Christmas trees.

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