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How to make a beautiful bow and gift box

gift box with his hands

Giving good gifts, as well as receive them, always a pleasure.

The first impression is always composed in registration package.

We invite you to prepare for each souvenir interesting boxes and bows, to your gifts were the most ornate.

You will need

  • - template
  • - glue
  • - scissors
  • - Colored cardboard
  • - Tape bow
  • - stapler
  • - wire
  • - bead



To make a magnificent bow, cut into stripsequal length. Fold the strips in half and seal the ends of the staples. The result was a petal in the form of eight. Place the petals on each other and centered puncture wire which is strung bead.


Cut out the template package, fold it under the scheme andglue the edges. Fill a bag of candy or put into it a little gift. Double-wrap the edge, then fasten with tape or a stapler. By the corner of the package, attach the bow, pierced paper wire.

gift bag template


cut shapes from cardboard pattern andfold along the dotted lines. To folds were clear swipe at him with scissors blunt side. Fold the shape along the fold to get shaped bag. The upper part of stapled or glue, decorate or paint applique flowers. Investing should be a gift from the side. Pen package decorate the bow.

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