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How to make a beautiful birthday card

Homemade birthday card should appeal

If you are invited to a birthday party, and you want to give your gift some personality, attach the gift card, made with his own hands.

It can make the day before, dedicating it is not too much time.

You will need

  • - scissors
  • - glue
  • - line
  • - pencils
  • - Paper of different colors
  • - cardboard



For better use of glue, produced ina pencil. Liquid glue will extend beyond the application, giving the sloppy look. By working with a pencil and a ruler, try to do it as accurately as possible, do not press hard on the pencil to be able to erase incorrect to draw a line.


Take a very dense paper or, on the contrary, thin cardboard and cut out of it a basis for future cards. bend postcard half as a small booklet.


Set aside until postcard aside and consider what motive you would like to portray it. Try to imagine the tastes of the birthday, think that would please him.


Cut out paper details of future applications. It can be candles, balloons, flowers, hearts, numbers, and even a photo, your imagination nobody no limits. Glue the parts onto the card, creating a cute applique. For greater effect, you can circle the glued parts with a thin black felt-tip pen.


Do not forget to leave the front of the card space for lettering in the style of "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary!" Make a sign with a pencil, pen or bright colors.


But the foundation of your postcard will be no appearance of itsview, and the words that you write inside, congratulating his birthday celebration. Do not get rid platitudes, make sure that it was obvious that your congratulation comes from the heart. Do not forget to subscribe to the congratulations. It is possible that moved, birthday boy will be stored postcard many years later and reread it again and again.

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