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How to make a beautiful birthday card


Homemade postcard should please the birthday person</a>

If you are invited for a birthday, and you want to give your gift some personality, attach to it a greeting card, made with your own hands.

It can be made the day before, devoting it not so much time.

You will need

  • - scissors
  • - glue
  • - ruler
  • - pencils
  • - paper of different colors
  • - cardboard



For work it is better to use the adhesive produced inThe form of a pencil. Liquid glue will protrude beyond the application, giving the work an inaccurate look. When working with a pencil and ruler, try to do this with the utmost precision, do not press hard on the pencil to be able to erase the wrongly drawn line.


Take a very thick paper or, conversely, a thin cardboard and cut out the base of the future postcard from it. Bend Postcard In half, like a little book.


Set it aside for now. Postcard Aside and think about what motive you would like to depict on it. Try to imagine the tastes of the birthday boy, think about what he might like.


Cut out the details of the future application from the paper. It can be candles, balloons, flowers, hearts, numbers and even photography, nobody restricts your imagination. Glue the details to the postcard, creating a pretty application. For greater effect, you can circle pasted parts with a thin black felt-tip pen.


Do not forget to leave on the face of the postcard a place for the inscription in the style of "Happy Birthday!" Or "Happy anniversary!" Make a note with a pencil, felt-tip pen or bright colors.


But the basis of your postcard will not be its externalKind, and those words that you write inside, congratulating the birthday boy on his holiday. Do not get rid of common phrases, make it so that you can see that your congratulations go from the bottom of the heart. Do not forget to subscribe to congratulations. It is possible that, touched, birthday boy will be stored Postcard For many years and re-read it again and again.

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