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How to make a beautiful back

How to make a beautiful back

Every day we take care of themselves. We take a shower, do manicures, use the cream for the face and hands.

But often we forget that our back - also our appearance. And care needs no less than the other parts of the body.

Beautiful posture, clear skin, tighten muscles - are the main components of a beautiful back.

And make it so you are completely powerless.

You will need

  • horizontal bar, dumbbells, bar, cream, body scrub, massage brush



In order to improve posture, performspecial exercises: head rotation, hands, kick their feet, sit-ups, jumping rope. Start training slowly, it is not necessary to start intensive hours of training, start with a couple of minutes a day and gradually increase the time period.


In order to strengthen the back muscles will also help youphysical exercises. In order to bring the muscles in tone, require more intensive exercises. Suit pulling up on the bar, training with dumbbells, a barbell. If you have a back disease, consult your doctor before you start to play sports with the load on the back muscles.


And finally, skin care back. Be sure to make a back massage. This can be done both in the salon and at home on their own. You've probably seen that sell special massage brush for the back with a long handle. Pick suitable for the skin of your back loofah. Too coarse brush can injure the sensitive skin, while too soft - do not have much influence the desired effect.


To eliminate the rash on his back, using body scrubs. Moisturize back creams to avoid any peeling. You can even treat your back wraps and masks out of clay. Masks that you normally do for a person, and are also suitable for the back. Logically only what they need to prepare a large number. Combining care posture, muscles and skin of the back will give an excellent result. Thanks to such care, you at any time you are ready to put on a dress with an open back or go to the beach, not hiding behind Pare.

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