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How to make a beautiful back


How to make a beautiful back</a>

Every day we take care of ourselves. We take a shower, do a manicure, use face and hand cream.

But often we forget that our back is also our appearance. And care for it is needed not less than behind the rest of the body.

Beautiful posture, clean skin, tightened muscles - these are the main components of a beautiful back.

And make it so you are quite capable.

You will need

  • Bar, dumbbell, bar, cream, body scrub, massage brush



In order to improve posture, performSpecial exercises: rotation of the head, hands, legs, squats, jumping rope. Start training slowly, do not start intensive hourly training, start with a couple of minutes a day, gradually increasing the time period.


To strengthen the back muscles you will also be helpedphysical exercises. To bring the muscles into tone, more intensive gymnastics are needed. Suits pull up on the bar, classes with dumbbells, barbell. If you have back problems, consult a doctor before starting exercise with a load on the back muscles.


And, finally, skin care for the back. Be sure to do a back massage. This can be done both in the cabin and on your own at home. You in fact for certain saw, that special massage brushes for a back with the long handle are on sale. Choose the right sponge for your skin. Too coarse brushes can injure sensitive skin, and too soft - do not have the desired effect.


To exclude rashes on the back, use body scrubs. Moisturize Back Creams so that there is no peeling. You can even pamper your back with wraps and clay masks. Masks that you usually do for the face, also suitable for the back. It is only logical that they need to prepare a larger number. The combination of care for posture, muscles and back skin will give an excellent result. Thanks to such care, you at any time will be ready to put on a dress with an open back or go out to the beach without covering up the steam.

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