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How to make a beautiful and simple in execution beam

How to make a beautiful and simple in execution beam

Sometimes, you need to quickly make a beautiful, interesting and uncomplicated hairstyle.

Ideal - an elegant bun.

This versatile hairstyle will suit owners of a variety of hair - thick and not very long and medium length, as well as freshly washed or not quite pure (and this happens).

We need:
- Two elastic bands - most decorative and malenkaya-
- Roll-bagel for hair-
- A comb, hair brush
- Wedding pins, ornamental pins.

1. First, you need to carefully comb hair brush. Then, with the help of a thin rubber bands to do a sleek ponytail. It can be tight or not - on request.

2. We put on a bagel on the tail so that it fits close to the head. We wrap the hair donut, distributing them evenly over a donut. To beam looked more carefully, smooth hair comb or brush.

3. Fix the large decorative hair band. If you were to stick the hair ends, we select them inside.

4. Hairstyle get even more beautiful, if separated from the tail of one or more strands to make them flagella or pigtails and obkrutit they finished beam. You can also decorate the wedding sheaf of pins or decorative pins.

Helpful advice.
If you do not have a donut, then make itown is very simple! Take an old sock unnecessary (preferably under the hair color), cut off his toe - should have something like pipes. Put it on the one hand and begin to roll, to get a bagel. Also, old pantyhose can be used for the manufacture of a donut (see the article "How to use old pantyhose: The second life of things.").

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