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How to make a beautiful and easy-to-perform beam


How to make a beautiful and easy-to-perform beam</a>

It happens, you need to quickly make a beautiful, interesting and uncomplicated hairstyle.

Ideal option - an elegant bundle.

This is a universal hairdo, suitable for owners of a variety of hair - thick and not very long and semi-long, as well as freshly washed or not quite clean (and it happens).

We need:
- two elastics - a large decorative and small-
- roller-bagel for hair-
- comb, hair brush
- wedding hairpins, decorative hair clips.

1. First, you must carefully comb the hair with a brush. Then use a thin rubber band to make a smooth tail. It can be tight or not very - at will.

2. We put a donut on the tail so that it snug against the head. We wrap the bagel hair, distributing them evenly over the donut. To make the beam look more neat, smooth the hair with a comb or brush.

3. We fix the hair with a large decorative rubber band. If the ends of the hair are left sticking out, we pick them inside.

4. The hairstyle will turn out even more beautiful if you separate one or several strands from the tail, make them flagellars or pigtails and wrap them in a ready bundle. You can also decorate the bundle with wedding pins or decorative hairpins.

Helpful advice.
If you do not have a bagel, then make itYourself is very simple! Take an old unnecessary sock (preferably under the hair color), cut off his toe - it should look like a pipe. Put it on one hand and start twisting to make a bagel. You can also use old tights to make a bagel (see the article "How to use old pantyhose: the second life of things").

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