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How to make a bath white

How to make a bath white

White bath - a real pride of the mistress, only this luxury is not available to all.

After all, sometimes plumbing and yellow on it become visible stains and rust.

However, it is still possible to correct, follow a few rules fairly regularly.

Cleaning bath

Different recommended various cleaning bathsfacilities. For enamel sanitary ware are excellent tools, which is composed of baking soda. The most popular and effective are "Pemolyuks" Somet. Acrylic bath shine white when to use special gel and liquid funds. For example, "Mr. Chister", "San Wedge", the Triton, "Pani Bath", "Arlilan Spray".
To clean the enamelled bath categoricallyIt is forbidden to use metal brushes and sponges on glass fiber, as they leave scratches and gray stripes, which can not be washed off. You also need to renounce the use of products containing hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, alkali and formaldehyde.
They tend to corrode enamel thatis not subsequently reversed. To clean the acrylic bathtubs can not use detergents, abrasive paste. They only scratch the surface of sanitary ware. Also not recommended for use on the acrylic surface of an emulsion containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene and acetone, chlorine-containing drugs, because they corrode it.

Folk remedies

You do not have to buy in the store expensivemeans for cleaning baths, can do improvised. Thus, the rust on the enamel bath is well removed with baking soda. She should wipe the stain and leave for 10 minutes, then open eyes snow white bath. With rust will handle a mixture of borax and vinegar, which will need to treat the stains. Suitable even paste of salt and vinegar preheated.
If the external view of the bath spoils limescale,with the enameled surface thereof can be removed with ammonia. His need to be dissolved in water and apply for 10 minutes on the surface of the plumbing, then all you need to rinse with warm water. Similarly acts and lemon juice. You can also use for this purpose vinegar with the salt, the mixture should be rubbed patina, and there will be no trace of him.
To conduct these activities should be regularly andbetter to prevent rust and limescale. It is recommended to wash a good bath after each visit, then it will always shine white, and will be a pleasure to swim in it.

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