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How to make a basket of felt

How to make a basket of felt

Felt - a very necessary thing in needlework. This material holds its shape very well, which allows him to do all sorts of baskets.

It is a basket, and I propose to do.

You will need

  • - Hard fetr-
  • - hole puncher-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Decorative ribbon or verevka-
  • - A pair of transparent busin-
  • - A sharp piece of soap.



So, we take the felt and cut out a circle from it,the size of which depend only on what size basket you want to get a result. In this case, a diameter of 44 centimeters. Try to do everything very carefully, because the edges should be smooth.


Now, with a sharp piece of soap spenda straight line of length 8 centimeters towards the center of the circle. Then back down a few centimeters, and then re-draw a line. So we do until the end of the circle. Do not forget that all the features have to go to the center, that is, the strip will not be parallel.


Using scissors, cut through the line drawn by. We have an even number of "petals" should work. Then take a punch and make them in 2 holes at each end in the resulting "petals". size of the holes should fit the decorative rope.


Now we take a decorative rope and sticksin that it is only to make holes. Putting her "petals" in one. Contractible our product on the tips of rope dress beads. Decorate as desired, for example, can make flowers out of tissue or simply use bows and ribbons for decoration. Basket of felt ready!

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