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How to make a basket

Wicker basket of paper look great, especially painted

If you have a home are unnecessary papers, do not throw them ahead of time, or to take away to the country for a campfire.

After all, one can make some beautiful and useful things on the farm, for example, a few baskets.

These baskets can decorate a country house, the kitchen, or use them to gather berries, mushrooms and other small things.

You will need

  • Several newspapers, magazines, or color bumaga-
  • Stapler with staples or glue for fixing paper polosok-
  • Scissors.



In the manufacture of medium-sized basketsIt takes approximately 20 newspapers. Cut each sheet in half, turn the halves along to have turned a lot of narrow strips. From one newspaper page should have about 40 strips.


Now fold in half and along piecesnewspapers, then again quarter length, then eight times longer. So you get enough thick paper ribbons. The width and the number of these tapes can be varied? it all depends on the shape and size of future baskets.


The material is ready. Begin to weave baskets and better from the center to the edges. Use glue or a stapler for stapling. The adhesive should be applied to points. A brace from the stapler at the end of the work can be removed.


Once your ready bedplatebasket, proceed to the formation of its walls. Fold the wall at right angles, and weaves its long strips in a circle, making them harvested earlier strips, fixing glue or a stapler.


When weaving baskets will be finished, youYou notice that the last row does not look very nice. Protruding ends of the strips of paper you need? Disguise ?. To do this, fold the paper rim and secure it with glue about wearing it on the top flap of the basket basket.

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