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How to make a barrel

Soundly made a barrel will be a long time

Cooper? This is a profession that is slowly disappearing. Why should we buy a tub or tubs, where you can buy a good plastic container.

However barrel? Alive? and still. And it does not seek to completely withdraw from life.

Salting any vegetables will be really tasty and fragrant when producing it in good oak barrel.



Let's try to do a barrel roll themselves. Start with riveting. Choose a timber. For salting and pickling barrel is best done from the oak barrel for honey should be made of linden, sycamore and aspen. You can take alder, poplar, alder. In riveting usually let the lower part of an old tree trunk. Split in half chock, which is longer than the next riveting centimeters 5. Each of the halves in half prick yet. And so on, until we do not turn out the pieces of the size 5-10h2,5-3 see.


Dry them pinned blank in well-ventilatedroom month. Better ? more. Already dried billets and plow handle a plane, starting from the outside of the obstrugivaniya riveting. Then planed sides. Post-processing sides jointers


In the next stage, we processed the inner surface of our riveting. Excess can be skived a plane or an ax. If staves width varies? Nothing wrong with that.


Now make hoops. Better to take the steel. We take them for hot-rolled steel strip 1.5-2 mm thick, the width should be 30-50 mm. We measure a barrel on the site of the alleged location of the hoop with a tolerance for double the bandwidth size. Hammer attach the ribbon shape of a ring. Drill at the ends of the holes for rivets. Locally there are onion hoops location (center), TESDA (region) and neck (intermediate).


Assembly. This process is carried out on a flat surface. To fasten straps 2 hoop riveting, opposite one another. Then lay out the riveting very close to the previous one by one. And so long as the hoop is full rivets. Check density riveting vanishing edges.


Next, trim the ends of the core rock and put on 2nd hoop until it stops. The 2-3 mm from TESDA hoop cut the skeleton of a plane, and we clean the ends of the staves. In the same way we proceed with another end of the barrel.


With the contraction of the core barrel hoops does not require any operations, such as steaming or provarkoy very core.


It remains to make Dona. Putting the bottom of the shield and prostrogat prifugovannogo on the sides of clover. Sweet clover are fastened with nails. We find the radius of the future of the bottom, and the bottom Scrollsaw with a margin of 1-1.5 mm.


Weakens wrap, insert the bottom and rap until it stops. The bottom should not go tight. In this case, the hoop weaken. If the bottom is free? tighten the hoop.


Now we need to make sure that we do not have tobarrel cracks. We pour a little water and see if where flows. Leakage between the staves will tell you that you need to reduce the bottom, pare unnecessary. If water runs right through the bottom, there will need to disassemble the barrel and one of the narrow staves.


When nothing flows, set the second floor with a hole for the infusion of 30-32 mm. Make plug and insert it into place. Flank ready.

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