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How to make a soap box made of plastic


How to make a soap box made of plastic</a>

The soap dish made of plastic is convenient to use, since it has a low weight and is easy to clean.

You can make almost any shape from plastic in any bright spectrum of colors.

You will need

  • - plastic baked-
  • - file-
  • - vinyl napkin-
  • - a tube for drinks-
  • - scissors-
  • - rolling-
  • - metal forms (for baking) -



Mash the plastic and roll it into a ball. If desired, you can mix several colors of plastic. Place the plastic on a file previously moistened with water. So it will be easier to detach the plastic from the film.
Flatten the palm of plastic with a palm and cover it with a file sprinkled with water, roll it out to the required thickness and size. In this case, the thickness of the formation is 2-3 mm.


Remove the top file, top cover the plasticCake with a vinyl napkin facing the bulk side to the workpiece, so that the motif of the pattern is clearly printed and a beautiful impression is obtained, it is necessary to roll the napkin well with a rolling pin, pushing it into the workpiece.


Carefully remove the napkin.
It is also possible, if desired, to cut out beautiful billet shapes for cookies.
Make a hole in the soap dish for draining water using a cocktail tube.


Carefully remove the workpiece from the substrate-file and lay it in a metal mold, forming a shutter. As a form, you can use a coconut or ashtray.
Bake in the oven according to the instructions. Leave it to cool in the oven.

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