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How to make a bag for a gift

How to make a bag for a gift

You have prepared a gift, but forgot to buy a gift box? It's not a problem.

You can choose to sew a bag for a gift.

You will need

  • - Tissue-flaps
  • - Acrylic paint on tissue-
  • - Outline on golden fabric colors-
  • - Decorative cord or tesma-
  • - payetki-
  • - beads-
  • - Breadboard knife-
  • - gubka-
  • - cardboard
  • - Paper.



Because you need to carve out a rectangle of fabric. The resulting item fold in half and sew from the wrong side on the sides. The upper edge is slightly bend and sew too. This results in a pouch. It should be properly ironed. Inside the product insert a piece of cardboard - you need it in order to make it easier to work with acrylic paints.


On paper or cardboard, draw the desired pattern and cut it with a mock knife. Thus obtained stencil.


You can start decorating bag. Place the stencil on it and start to be applied with a sponge acrylic gold color.


Then, to the resulting toned image, combine the two acrylic paint: red and black. Now the mixed paint is applied with a sponge lightly.


With a special circuit for fabric circle pattern caused by, but not all, but only some of its borders and swirls pattern.


It remains to decorate with sequins beaded items. Tie it must be a decorative cord or ribbon. Bag for a gift is ready!

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