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How to make 3D glasses with their hands

How to make 3D glasses with their hands

Three-dimensional images were used before the release of the first films in 3D format. Today, 3D images are at the peak of its popularity.

All three-dimensional image is divided into severaltypes depending on the method of image transmission. The use of circular-polarized glasses gives you the opportunity to enjoy watching your favorite movies in 3D format.

These glasses can you do with your hands.

You will need

  • - Points that you no longer polzuetes-
  • - The front cover of the music diskov-
  • - Thin and transparent plastik-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - Alcohol-based markers on blue and red colors-
  • - Handle (optional).



Put the lid on the music CD into the hotwater. It is necessary to soften the material and to prevent breakage when cutting. After some time, remove the cover. Picking up the scissors, cut the plastic shape similar to two ovals connected to each other by a jumper. Sandpaper can help you get rid of burrs that have emerged in the process of cutting.


The next step will be a uniform coloringYour self-made 3D glasses. Blue paint marker right oval red - left. Take care that would lay down the paint more evenly, you can use the spirit of the rod. It needs to pull out of the marker and the squeeze on the plastic surface.


To dye is completely evaporated, andsurface points have dried up, you'll need to be patient and wait for some time. If you wish to make a finished design more convenient to use, attach the handle. As a result of your self-made 3D glasses will remind a monocle.


Of course, the glasses, made with his own hands, willdiffer from the factory. However, that design, you get a result, will give you the opportunity to enjoy three-dimensional effect while watching a movie. Your self-made 3D glasses are ready, enjoy!

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