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How to make 3D glasses-improvised?

How to make 3D glasses-improvised?

Remembering emotions arising when watching a movie or cartoon in 3D movie theater, you may want to have 3D at home. But it needs to purchase expensive 3D-TV-and 3D-glasses.

But there is an option to view 3D photos / videos on a normal monitor, the so-called anaglyph 3D-glasses, which are much cheaper, but you can do it yourself.

You will need

  • - To recover from plastic glasses (or cardboard)
  • - Transparency of the badge (or transparent plastic)
  • - Markers of red and blue colors
  • - Clay



You must select a frame. If you have an old unnecessary sunglasses, you can take them. If there are none, you can make a frame made of thick cardboard. Plans for a homemade frame can be found on the Internet.


Now you need to make the lenses. The material for the lens can be white or transparent plastic film on the badge. If you use a plastic frame (on the sunglasses), you will need to cut the same lens (size and shape) of your selected lens material. If you have used a cardboard frame, the lenses should be slightly larger than the slot in the frame (so that the lens can be glued to the rim)


Having defined the rim and making lenses, they need topaint. For markers that can be used. Anaglyph glasses come in different colors: red, blue, yellow and green. I recommend to do the red and blue glasses, because It is the most common type of anaglyph glasses, under which photos and videos are done in the first place. But the manufacture of 3D-glasses should be borne in mind that each color belongs to your eye. In this case, the red color - for the left eye, and the blue - to the right.


The final step in our work - insert (paste it) in the rim of the lens. Now you can begin viewing of 3D-films or cartoons!


Some information about the differences betweencardboard glasses from plastic. The fact that the points made in the plastic frame more durable, while the cardboard quickly crumple, torn. Also when viewing 3D can stand the sweat on his face. This especially happens when viewing 3D for the first time.

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