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BASIC diseases of tomatoes


Diseases of tomatoes</a>

Even growing tomatoes by all rules, there is a possibility that they will get sick.

For the development of diseases of this culture there are many factors that do not depend on the gardener.

But to protect your crop, you can use different methods.

Vertex Rot - disease of tomatoes, which affects the firstFormed fruit. On their tops appear dents of black or brown spots. This is the result of a lack of calcium in the soil, as well as a sharp fluctuation of moisture in the soil, high air temperature and its dryness. As a preventive measure for vertex rot, it is not advisable to get involved in fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers.

Gray rot Affects the entire plant, including fruits. A watery gray spot forms next to the peduncle, which rapidly grows, gradually afflicting the entire fetus. To avoid this, you need to carefully monitor the humidity in the greenhouse, it should not exceed 60%. Preventive measures against this disease are mulching of soil with straw or dry peat after irrigation, as well as regular airing of the greenhouse.

Viral disease Striker Appears on tomatoes grown both inOpen ground, and protected. Pathogens of the disease can be found in soil, seeds, garden tools, plant residues, and can also be transmitted through the juice of diseased plants during pasynkovaniya. It appears as dark bands and spots on all parts of the plant. The greatest probability of infection occurs during prolonged cold rains. The disease is suspended with the onset of sunny weather. To prevent the appearance of a stripe on tomatoes, the seedlings are watered several times with a solution of potassium permanganate. When the disease of adult plants under each pour 1 liter of this drug 1 time a week.

Late blight - a fungal disease that appears,Mainly on plants grown in open ground. In just a few days it can destroy the entire crop of tomatoes. The first one is affected by potatoes, and already with it the disease turns to tomatoes. Therefore, it is not recommended to grow these crops near these plants. On the fruits of tomatoes appear rough, dense to the touch, dark spots. The leaves and stems turn brown. Unripe fruit, which seems healthy and taken for dosage, rot. During frequent fogs or with dew, this disease occurs particularly often. To avoid late blight, plants are sprayed with a solution of copper sulfate, adding liquid or household soap.

There are a lot of tomato diseases, but if you take preventive measures, most of them can be avoided.

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