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How to maintain lactation

How to maintain lactation

More and more nursing mothers complain that milk decreases.

They acquire teas and other means to stimulate lactation, but if mom's body is not received sufficient amount of protein foods, it will be nothing to stimulate.



Review your menu. In my mother's plate 3 times a day should be present dishes of fish, meat, cooked meat products premium.


Once a day, in your menu should be cooked to your liking meat (whole pieces, but not minced). If only a small portion.


After each feeding necessarily semisweet drink black tea with milk in a ratio of 2: 1 with a slice of bread with butter and hard cheese.


Do not skip breakfast, lunch and dinner, and do notengaged in other affairs after feeding until they drank tea and ate a sandwich. If you are tired, ask other family members to cook you tea and a sandwich. The sandwiches should be small. The main thing - the regularity of their use.

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