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How to keep cheerful


How to keep cheerful</a>

How to keep the vigor of the spirit and body, despite the various vicissitudes of fate and stressful life rhythm?

Remember, no one can live for you, communicate with other people, play sports, choose your path.

And if you want to remain cheerful throughout your life and avoid depression, then you need to work a little.



Before going to bed, drink a glass of soothingHerbal tea or a glass of warm milk with honey. Consuming caffeine or alcohol-containing drinks for the night will not benefit the body and reduce the quality of rest.


During the day, eat evenly, often, andIn small portions - try to eat right. Include in your menu iron-containing foods: apples, pomegranates, red meat and so on. Protect your liver and do not load it with toxins (alcohol, fried pies and foods containing cholesterol). Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They are a natural source of vitamins and microelements, very necessary for the body to function properly.


Keep yourself in good shape - drive a moving imageLife. If possible, do exercises in the morning and walk on foot. Life is motion. More be on fresh air - nourish your body with oxygen. Go more often to nature. Trees, mountains, a lake, a river are the best healers given to people by nature.


Learn to deal with stress. Not everything is as hopelessly bad as it seems to you. Try to treat the emerging problems and troubles peacefully. Trouble will pass, the problems will be solved, and life will continue.


Love and accept yourself as you are,With all the shortcomings and advantages. Do not underestimate your self-esteem. Remember that nature has created you unique and attractive from the very beginning. Try to learn how to enjoy life. If it turned out that the work did not become a favorite thing in your life, do not despair. Turn your favorite thing into a hobby. Smile more often and rejoice in any occasion. Always something positive happens around you. And even in the bad, you can always see something good.

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