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How to maintain a relationship with her husband after the birth of a baby

How to keep the relationship with her husband after the birth of a baby

The emergence of a new family member - the long-awaited moment and, of course, the joy!

Only many couples do not take into account the fact that"Do" that moment they lived according to certain rules and regulations that have become part of the relationship and is almost not noticed. When changing family structure, and changing the rules of interaction.

Until the most banal - who go to the grocery store, to whom and how to be responsible for the daily life, entertainment, etc.

And this stage of the relationship is considered a crisis.

Like any crisis - on the one hand he carries the changes and new features, and on the other - brings uncertainty and vulnerability.

You will need

  • Patience
  • Moral willingness to change
  • A positive attitude to what is happening
  • Understanding that all couples go through this
  • partner Support



Distribution of duties. Arrange at once - who is responsible for what. All the same, as before will not be and the faster you talk about who is now washing dishes, cooking, making money, caring for a child ..., the less will accumulate grievances and claims against each other. On the one hand it seems that everything is clear - and no. For example, my mother needs help in taking care of the baby and the time it needs for themselves - a beauty salon, gym, meeting with friends, etc. A wife may think that mom and baby sitting at home, especially in your time does not need - and all the time her. Also, on the contrary, each spouse seems that another better during this period and the whole weight of the new provisions only lays down on his shoulders. And instead of mutual assistance, the couple begin to compete - who are heavier.


How can I say more. Discuss with each other all - you have so many is now a new, tips, tell me. If something goes wrong, as you would like - do not be silent. The accumulated resentment - it's like the water that wears away the stone ... Female body at this time operates on a special and emotional sphere is very vulnerable. Talk about your feelings, change the partner, and if you need support - are asking, few people know how to guess the desires of the other.


Remember, you are - a pair! Remember often the time when there were only the two of you - your acquaintance, dates, holidays together ... Look at each other over time, becomes through the prism of parental roles, but you continue to be each other by the sole, unique, welcome .... Leave the place and time when you - that's two people loving each other person. Going to the movies, a restaurant together - will refresh the senses and fill them with a special warmth. Remember, the sooner you deal with love together? Return some common types of spending time on, modify features. Perhaps with time and the baby will join you in your enthusiasm.


Sharing time. Young mothers often feel that the Pope clumsy in handling the child. Help them learn to help you in the care of the child. Sometimes it happens that the mother and the baby swallowed spouse can not find a place in this duo. Comes to mind, that's when the baby will grow up, then dad will be able to play with them, to spend time .... Include the Pope in this process from the very birth of the child - joint feel emotions help support each other and become closer. And trust and warmth scrapie your family.

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