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The main features of the services of the Easter week


The Feast of the Bright Resurrection isThe most important triumph of the Orthodox Church. The Passover of Christ is the victory of life over death, the triumph of good over evil. On the Easter week (Holy Week), special services are held in the temples.

The main features of the services of the Easter week

The Feast of the Passover of Christ has a past 39Days. Celebrations in honor of the Risen Savior end on the 40th day, when the Church celebrates the Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ. All the time of the Easter celebration was marked by certain Easter "insertions" in all divine services. However, on Holy Week (the first Easter week), divine services are especially solemn and "Paschal."

The services of the Holy Week are held atOpen the royal gates (this practice gives a special solemnity to the church service). The open royal doors of the altar symbolize that after the Resurrection of Christ for each person the doors of paradise are opened.

The main feature of the services of the PaschalWeeks is the service of the Easter rite. Thus, vespers and matins are served exactly by Easter, and the usual first, third, sixth and ninth hours are replaced by a short Easter clock. Unlike ordinary watches, read by a psalm-reader, Easter watches are performed in chorus. Under the arches of the temple, there are chants that glorify the risen Savior.

In the liturgy service on the Easter week soIt has its own characteristics. All of them are associated with amazing Easter celebrations. Thus, the liturgy is preceded by the threefold singing of the troparion "Christ is Risen" (such a beginning of divine services continues in the charter until the Ascension of Christ). Then the troparion is repeated several times alternately with special Easter poems. At the Liturgy, Easter antiphons and readings from the Holy Scripture sound about the miracle of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the main and especially solemnFeatures Easter Liturgy on the Bright Week is the procession of the procession around the temple with icons, banners and artos (bread that is consecrated before the opened royal doors and distributed to the believers at the end of the Easter week). During the procession, the choir sings the Easter canon against the solemn Easter bell ringing. The priest reads the Easter Gospel.

All the services of the Easter weekSolemn, because they are called to visit them caused the emotion and rejoicing of the believer's heart in memory of the miraculous event of the Resurrection of Christ.

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