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The main areas of commercial farming in Africa


In addition to large deposits of minerals,The African continent also has quite rich agricultural areas. Thanks to its climate, local farmers receive several crops of different crops a year.

Agriculture of the continent

Africa. The hottest place on the planet, the owner of the largest desert. But, nevertheless, life on this continent is also quite active. More than half of the countries in Africa are engaged in the export of agricultural goods. Almost two thirds of the cocoa beans are of African origin. But this is not the only culture that enjoys great demand in world markets. Cereals such as wheat, maize, barley and rice are of strategic importance not only for African countries, but also for European states that purchase these goods. Cereals are cultivated in North Africa and the south of the continent. And countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa are leaders among producers of these crops and have permanent trade relations with many countries.

In addition to cereals,A large number of fruits, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits and even tangerines. These crops also make up the bulk of the exports of the northern African countries. Here you can add the Egyptian dates, which have a share in the world production of this product, equal to 40%.

Livestock - an important component

In addition to developing crop production, AfricanCountries are quite active in the development of livestock. The countries of the central and southern parts of the mainland grow cattle. The economy of these countries is tied up on this. And this is not surprising, as 26% of the world's pastures are located in these regions.

But, despite a rather large number of livestock,Available in African herds, livestock production is inefficient in the world. This is facilitated by various factors, the main one of which is the attitude towards cattle, as a monetary measure.

The future of Africa

Based on the above data, you canTo imagine how the African continent will develop in the future. Greater importance will be given to the production of grain and vegetable crops, which every year are gradually added to the share of harvests harvested. This is due to the growing demand for these crops and a constant increase in allocated land for crop production. And therefore the main areas of commercial agriculture will remain the current leaders: the countries of the north of the African continent.

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