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Magnetic properties of water

Magnetic properties of water

Water is the source of life on Earth, because even the human body is 70% of it.

In the human cells, the water has a strong magnetic properties, which is why people always respond to any change in the magnetic field, although they hardly notice it.

Water and magnet

For a long time, scientists have found that the magnetic fieldIt has an impact on human health. It improves metabolism and oxygen delivery to the tissues. Due to lack of natural magnetic fields in humans may be loss of appetite, reduced immunity, disrupts the digestive system and sleep, reduces efficiency.
Pronounced magnetic properties haswater. However, not one that flows from the tap, and being in the wild - in seas, lakes, artesian wells. Metal pipes reduce the magnetic properties of the water, which is why the person feels much better after a swim in the sea or a lake, than after a shower.
Restore the natural properties of water helpsprocessing its magnet. It was observed that after exposure in the subject reactions are accelerated in the water, and it becomes more ordered structure, it increases the concentration of impurities and precipitation of the sediment. Furthermore, a weak magnetic field effect on the water for a second change almost all of its physico-chemical properties: viscosity, density, electrical conductivity, surface tension and quantity.

In this modified by magnetizing properties capable of retaining water for several days.

Useful properties of magnetized water

Numerous experiments with magnetizedwater conducted over many decades, have confirmed the fact that it has a beneficial effect on human health. So, it has a tonic effect on the body, improves metabolism, stops the growth of bacteria and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Useful water can be purchased at the pharmacy or magnetize yourself. In the latter case, you will need a permanent magnet device MUM-50 Edman, plastic cup and clean water.

Since ancient times, the magnetized water is usedtraditional and alternative medicine to cleanse the body of harmful compounds, and heavy metals, the treatment of inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract. It helps recover ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, gastritis, constipation and colitis. Magnetized water promotes healing by speeding up blood clotting and healing of skin diseases.
It is also known that water promotes magneticnormalization of blood pressure, reduces the level of acidity and bad cholesterol in the blood, has diuretic properties. Regular consumption of this natural health remedy helps to strengthen the nervous system, improve sleep, a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels state, inhibits inflammation of the joints.

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