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Magic properties of stones fluorite

The magical properties of stone fluorite

Fluorite is called differently. This fake emerald, emerald and Transvaal, and fluorspar, ore and flower ... fluorite (calcium fluoride) is a transparent mineral is a variety of color varieties.

The magical properties of the stone fluorite credited for its beneficial effects on emotional state.

In nature, there is no color, which would not becolored fluorite. Turquoise, yellow, burgundy, emerald, scarlet - as plural riot of colors provide different impurities. The composition can be detected fluorite: strontium, iron, samarium, chlorine, uranium.

The magical properties of fluorite associated with itthe ability to affect human health. Thus, attachment of fluorite to the sore spot is well relieves headaches, helps with multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. And even a beneficial effect on patients with epilepsy. What to say about depression or stress. Wear a bracelet or a necklace made of fluorite, and insomnia and nervous disorders as a hand lift.

Wizards and psychics believe one of fluoritepowerful magic minerals. Therefore, it is often used during séances, meditations and rituals. Modern witches fluorite recommend wearing amulets as protection against the powers of darkness, the evil eye, damage, etc. fluorite Women come in handy when you need to keep excitement and cope with stress.

Fluorite is very fond of researchers andcreative types, as mineral stimulates mental activity and inspires the creation of extraordinary things. The ring or pendant with fluorite bring good luck and harmony in your personal life.

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