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How to feed a crucian car before fishing


How to feed a crucian car before fishing</a>

Although crucian and unpretentious in food and caught even on bread and dough, for a good bite, it is better to entice him into the place chosen for fishing.

And for this you need to feed the crucian with a delicious aromatic bait, which is very easy to prepare.

You will need

  • Recipe 1: - bread crumbs - - porridge - - fried seeds - - cookies. Recipe 2: - Hercules - - fried seeds - - Dung worms - Breadcrumbs - Vanillin - - Corn Chop. Recipe 3: - pearl barley - - peas - - millet- - aniseed oil.



Feeding for crucian carp should be done directlyBefore catching directly on the shore of the reservoir. For this, stock up in advance with a bucket and all the ingredients of the bait. Pour a kilogram of breadcrumbs into the bucket, you can buy them in the store or scroll through the meat grinder dry toasted pieces of bread. Next, put 500 g of porridge. This can be gerbil, pearl, millet, wheat. Add 200 grams of ground fried seeds and mash the batch of cookies. All mix and dilute a bit with water. Take water directly from the pond. To bait was sticky, put some clay or take river sand. If you did everything correctly, the balls from this mixture will not break up on the water and quickly disintegrate in it. They should dissolve at the bottom for 5-7 minutes. Check it is possible in shallow waters off the coast.


To feed the crucian car before fishing it is possible and soWay. Mix in the bucket ground fried sunflower seeds, ground oatmeal, chopped worms, vanillin, breadcrumbs and corn grits. In any proportion, only vanillin does not need to be put much: although crucian and loves fragrant bait, excessive odor will scare him away. Add water from the pond and mix until a mass is formed from which you can dodge the bait balls. For the viscosity, clay is also needed.


Well attracts the carp and for a long time keeps inPlace such a bait fishing. Put in a bucket steamed pearl barley, steamed peas, millet and aniseed oil for flavor. Again, it's up to you how much you'll take, the right ratio is chosen based on experience, because the fish in different reservoirs can behave differently.


In cool weather, fasten crucian carpBloodworm. It is cut and added to the recipe for feeding balls. Other, like any other animal filling (worm, sponge), if they are going to use it when fishing.

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