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How to lure carp fishing

How to lure carp fishing

Although carp and unpretentious in food and even caught on bread and pastry, for a good bite better to lure to the desired fishing location.

And it needs to lure carp delicious scented bait, which is very easy to prepare.

You will need

  • Recipe 1: - Bread suhari- - kasha- - fried semechki- - cookies. Recipe 2: - gerkules- - fried semechki- - manure chervi- - bread suhari- - vanilin- - corn chaff. Recipe 3: - perlovka- - goroh- - psheno- - anise oil.



Lure for carp to do just thatbefore fishing right on the waterfront. To do this, stock up in advance and all the ingredients of a bucket of bait. Pour in a bucket kg of breadcrumbs, you can buy them in a shop or scroll through a meat grinder dry toasted pieces of bread. Next, put 500 g porridge. This may be oat, barley, millet, wheat. Now add 200 grams of ground roasted seeds and mash a packet of biscuits. All mix and dilute with a little water. Water is required to take a right out of the pond. To bait was a viscous, put a little clay or take a river sand. If you did everything right, the balls of the mixture will not break on the water and it quickly disintegrate. They must disintegrate at the bottom for 5-7 minutes. You can check this in the shallow water near the shore.


Carp fishing lures in front and can thusmanner. Mix in a bucket of ground roasted sunflower seeds, rolled oats, ground, chopped worms, vanilla, bread crumbs and corn chaff. In any proportion, only vanillin do not need to put a lot of: carp though and loves fragrant bait, excessive smell of his scare. Add the water from the reservoir and mix to form a mass, from which you can sculpt groundbait balls. For viscosity also need clay.


Good carp lures and retained inplace this bait fishing. Put in a steaming bucket of barley, steamed peas, millet, and anise to flavor oil. Again, you decide how much of what you take, the correct ratio is selected based on experience, because the fish in different ponds may behave differently.


In cool weather to lure carp wellbloodworms. His chopped and added to the recipe groundbait balls. Others, like any other animal stuffing (worms, maggots), if its going to be used when fishing.

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