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Lunar calendar for gardeners on May 2014

Lunar calendar for gardeners on May 2014

The long-awaited warm days. Work began in the garden.

Someone planting potatoes, someone is engaged in flowers.

But in order to get a good crop, you need to know what day it is better to plant.



1,2 pest control, planting early varieties of carrots, greens. Watering, fertilizing, transplanting houseplants, fertilization of primroses. Planting garlic.
3, 4 - planting cucumbers, zucchini seedlings for planting in open ground. Processing decimation of strawberry bushes. digging soil.
5, 6, 7 - fertilization, seeding a lawn and flowering plants - phlox, lupines, daisies, nasturtiums.
8, 9 - the sowing of carrots, beets, radishes, parsley in the open ground. The division of the bush and transplant clematis. Seating strawberry bushes, trimming the mustache.


10, 11, 12, 13 - work in the garden: watering, hoeing, protection from pests and diseases. Planting ornamental grasses, watermelons, squash, pumpkins, squash, posad ka roots.
14 - unfavorable working with plants.
15, 16 - seedling planting leeks in the ground (if warm May), seeding the ground nezabudok, daisies, pansies.
17, 18 - organic fertilizers, pest and disease control, planting plants on a permanent place in a greenhouse.
19, 20 - pasynkovanie, topping and removal of excess shoots. Loosening the soil, watering indoor plants, removal of the yellowed leaves and wilted flowers.
21, 22 - re-sowing radish, eggplant and planting peppers in a greenhouse, seed soaking beans.
23, 24, 25 - planting root crops, planting seedlings in the soil of white, of red, savoy cabbage.


26, 27 - planting bean sprouts with hatched. Weeding, watering, hoeing, fertilizing the soil.
28 - unfavorable working with plants.
29 - weeding, loosening the soil. Planting vines. Caring for houseplants - fertilizing, watering, transplanting.
30, 31 - the landing of zucchini, eggplant,squash, pumpkin. Weeding, hoeing, digging, dividing, storage before planting in late summer primroses bulbs (snowdrops, snowflake, crocus, Pushkin).

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