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How to lower the memory frequency


How to lower the memory frequency</a>

Lowering the frequency of RAM is required in rare cases, for example, if you overclocked the processor.

You can also decrease the memory frequency if you do not intend to load the computer heavily for a certain period, for example, you will only use it to visit Internet pages.

Then lowering the frequency of the processor and memory will significantly reduce the temperature of the components and the noise level of the fans.

You will need

  • - A computer running Windows.



Very often, the frequency of the operationalYou can only use memory using the BIOS. The following method is most likely not suitable for some notebook models. Also, it may not be suitable for computer owners with an outdated BIOS. Much depends on the model of your motherboard. On some of them the manual adjustment of the RAM frequency is simply blocked.


Turn on the computer. Immediately after pressing the power button, press the Del key on the keyboard. Instead of the usual boot for the operating system, you will be taken to the BIOS menu. To make control in this menu you need to use the arrows on the keyboard, since mouse control will not be available.


In the main BIOS menu, select the Advanced tab,Then in the appeared menu - CPU Configuration. Then click on the parameter called Memory Controller. Then go to Memory Configuration. Then you need to select the Memory Frequeng option. In the list of possible options for this parameter, select Manual.


Now in the current window there will be another availableParameter Frequeny. Select it. A list of available frequencies appears. Select the available frequency below the current frequency, on which the memory will work. Now go to the main menu. Exit the BIOS. When you click Exit, a window appears asking if you want to save the settings. Select the Save option. The computer will reboot and the memory will run at a reduced frequency.


If after a decrease in the memory frequency,Problems, it is recommended to restore the standard frequencies. To do this, set the Memory Frequeng line to Auto. After the reboot, the settings will be restored. Also, if the system can not work at the frequency you specify, it will simply restore the default memory settings.

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