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How to lower memory frequency

How to reduce the memory frequency

RAM frequency downgrade takes quite rarely, for example, if you sped up the processor.

Also, the memory frequency reduction may be necessary if you do not want to download a certain period of strong computer, for example, will use it only to visit Web pages.

Then lowering the processor frequency and memory significantly reduce the temperature of the components and the level of fan noise.

You will need

  • - Computer of Windows.



Very often, lower operating frequency RAMMemory can only using the BIOS. The following method is most likely not suitable for some notebook models. It also may not be suitable for owners of computers with outdated BIOS. Much depends on your motherboard model. Some of them manually adjustable memory frequency is simply blocked.


Turn on the computer. Immediately after pressing the power button, press the Del key on the keyboard. Instead of the usual operating system for you to download you get into the BIOS menu. To perform control in this menu should be using the arrows on the keyboard as the mouse control is not available.


Basically, the BIOS-menu, select the Advanced tab,then in the ensuing menu - CPU Configuration. Then click on the option named Memory Controller. After that, go to the Memory Configuration. Then you need to select Memory Frequeng. The list of possible options for the setting, select Manual.


Now in the current window will be available oneFrequeny option. Select it. A list of available frequencies. Select an available frequency lower than the current one, which will work memory. Now go to the main menu. Exit the BIOS. When you click Exit, the window asking you save the settings. Select Save. The computer restarts, and the memory will operate at a reduced frequency.


If, after reducing the memory frequency anyproblems, it is recommended to restore the default frequency. To do this, line Memory Frequeng set to Auto. After the reboot, the settings will be restored. Also frequently if the system can not work for you given frequency, it simply restore the default settings of the memory.

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