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Low-budget marketing: creative and effective

Low-budget marketing: creative and effective

Marketing without cost - a dream of anybusinessman, however, not all companies use it in their work, which requires lateral thinking, creativity and the ability to see opportunities where others do not see them.

In this article, I give examples of low-budget marketing world-renowned companies, who appreciated this strategy.

If you submit any business as a building, itbase is a set of material base, staff and clientele that visits from time becoming more demanding. Without attracting new customers and high-quality work with them sooner or later, even the most successful business go downhill, as profits will be minimal. Marketers are still developing new strategies that allow large companies to make small investments in advertising and promotion of their goods.

However, the cost of these policies is poured themselvesan astronomical figure, which is very heavy for companies just starting your business. For this reason, people are beginning to look for ways to attract customers, which are based on a minimum budget. Bonus to low-budget marketing strategy can be regarded as brand awareness, which, in turn, is also a factor beckoning.

The current market situation is such that competition in the different areas of production, services and sales increasing every day. This occurs for several reasons:

1. Manufacturers / stores / service providers to provide their little flavor to the product, thinking that it will be necessary to the buyer.

2. There are new acquisition strategy of goods at a lower purchase price.

3. Demand creates supply.

However, all 3 reasons (in fact, more of them) are nottake into account the fact that the client using the time the service or purchasing goods, just do not need it: after all, companies focused on the "single client", a great many. As a consequence, there is a problem with shortage of buyers. Being at the initial point of development, entrepreneurs think about the question: how to develop your business and give it a push into the world of permanent income? The answer is simple: attracting new customers.

The main factor in attracting new customersis advertising. But, unfortunately, this article few firms provide cost and if it is, the budget is negligible. The money for the advertisements often go to the graphs in raw material costs, staff, costs, etc. Beginning businessmen do not think about the fact that in the age of information technology, in addition to the well-known word of mouth, for a solid company needs well-advanced website, advertising on television, affiliate programs, advertising on the radio and on the Internet. All this costs a lot of money, as in need of permanence and ubiquity.

In a crisis, especially the issue of clienteleIt is important because people are reluctant to seek to spend money on anything, especially for goods and services, which are quite expensive. But how to attract the attention of the buyer, if the budget is minimal and was not provided in advance?

There is a solution: a low-budget marketing.

Low-budget marketing - a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the flow of potential buyers, by attracting the minimum cash.

Why businesses are turning to low-budget marketing?

The reasons are many, but the three main are:

1. Expenditure on advertising has exhausted itself and was not at all zayavlena-

2. Force majeure, which makes take emergency measures (especially due to the conditions of loss or profit fall) -

3. They want to get more by investing less.

The third point - it is the desire of every businessman. Big companies think that investing in a large amount of advertising once and received a universal formula to attract customers, they will always be recognized and in demand in the market of the buyer.

Now a lot of money to invest in the purchase ofstrategies necessarily, since almost all of them have been studied and shown as examples in the business literature, trainings and master - class experts.

This is advantageous to use a low-budget marketing?

This is the most common question asked by most businessmen. There are three types of business: small, medium and large.

Undoubtedly, for the small business marketing suchtype - it is a great opportunity to express yourself by investing a minimum of means. Advertising costs are significantly reduced several times, and the efficiency increases.

For medium-sized businesses a low-budget marketing -this is the main strategy for the development and promotion of a product or service. The cost of this type of advertising is proportional to the significant growth of clientele and recognition.

For large businesses such marketing strategyis an assistant that will help draw attention to themselves. Also it will be great progress in relation to those customers who are unable to convince ordinary advertising.

Who uses a low-budget marketing?

This strategy has attracted the attention of absolutelyAll modern companies. Still, who are not interested to get more and pay less? Next, we consider the company's popular, and give examples of strategies they use.

1. Barter. This strategy is the collaboration of two very large companies, which is based on mutual exchange and complement the line of goods and services to each other. This development strategy used by many domestic companies, one of them is Rosinter.

2. Door advertising. The essence of this simple reception - a company makes printed products and hangs it on the door handles in the region where the company / firm / business. This kind of low-budget marketing most in demand in the niche of small business, for example, such as a cafe, carrying food home delivery. Now this type of strategy uses the well-known chain restaurants ILPatio.

3. Free SMS delivery. This type of communication seller with a potential client, which is carried out network and non-network of clothing stores. As an example of such known vendors like Letoile, clothing stores, etc. O'STINi

4. The application to outdoor items. Here the costs are limited to paint and stencils. In the context of one or more cities such advertising is very effective. As a user of the popular marketing strategy, then you can cite as an example a company of Nike, which leaves all its famous logo and the word Run (Run) on the benches in parks all over the world. In addition to brand awareness, here you can see also the motivation that encourages people to take action. In Russia, on the pedestrian zebra can be seen advertising Mr.Propper detergent.

5. Labels. This strategy is popular with big business, and in the small. Going to the store, especially in the huge shopping center, on the floor we see a sticker with pointers, where often there is the store name. Such a strategy of attracting customers are Auchan stores network.

6. Business cards. This marketing move, as many might think, refers to printed materials, but no. Modern designers have come up with business cards, which are made of different materials, such as PVC. On a business card phone can be written, the site, and how to pass the hours of operation, and it can be carried out in accordance with the specification location. For example, the FLOW company makes a kind of advertising at the expense of bendable material, like a yoga mat.

Low-budget advertising contributes not only toan increase in customers and brand awareness, as well as - to encourage action that significantly affects the incoming client flow and increase profits. Important in low-budget advertising - buyer interest and stimulate to action.

In my experience, business consulting is a low-budget advertising had the highest conversion. Such results can also get you!

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