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How to love your solitude?

How to love your solitude?

You can be completely alone, even if you are in a crowd of people or surrounded by family and friends. But loneliness can be perceived by different people in different ways.

Alone it limits, drives the sadness,causes discomfort, others as it stops at a furious pace of the big city and allow yourself to realize a whole person, remember this about themselves, about their goals, dreams and desires.



Many great men: writers, artists, scientists - valued solitude as the most important resource of the creative process and development. Acceptance of his loneliness causes a person to stop being passive forces become strongest, to take responsibility for their lives for themselves, freedom of creativity comes. Often there is a loneliness in order to have appeared desire to develop and to change themselves for the better.


While loneliness is my understandingdependence, especially the subordination of relatives and friends. It is important to learn how to communicate with themselves, to hear and listen to your inner voice. The inability and unwillingness to listen to yourself, boredom from communicating with itself, is often indicative of a loss of identity. And if I'm bored with myself, and I for myself - an unwanted interlocutor, whether with me other interesting?


Whoever learns how to feel lonelya gift of fate and friends and choose a partner, not because he alone is boring, lonely and bad, but because they really love their chosen because he wants to let him into his inner world. After all, how often, choosing a mate, but would not be alone, we are wrong. A trained to be alone with his thoughts and feelings, we are fully prepared to be close to someone. And then the excitement of intimacy, fear of being alone and not keep us close.


It is important to feel the loneliness is not as punishment, but as apersonal freedom and sincerely enjoys his independence. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, to see the new opportunities, strive to know themselves and the world.

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