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Love or infatuation?

Love or infatuation?

There is a mysterious, enigmatic and compelling words, what is - "love".

We all want to meet your soul mate and find out what real love is. And very often wrong, because no one really can not explain how to understand this feeling

Everyone dreams about love. He thinks: "Here, meet your soul mate, we will love each other, and everything will be just fine, beautiful and bright. And we will always be in luck. " Why do people think that? They believe that the meeting of a loved one - it is an event that will bring them to a perfect life.

And then remember the sad statistics: 1,000 marriages in Russia 600 divorces occur annually. What's the matter? After all, people marry for love. Anybody forcibly Woo, on the calculation of the unit is now getting married. Why is this happening?

Sadly, it's selfishness in love. Each of them in the first place is one big "I". They think like this: "It is I will be fine with you, I'm going to get the attention from you, that to me you have to make gifts, compliments and surprises, is that you'll look after me."

Imagine two lambs encountered on the narrowbridge - so look and current lovers, as soon as the period of euphoria from the meeting with the native soul. Look closely at yourself and admit that you also have such thoughts.

How to save a wonderful feeling, if it came? Very simply - to stop being selfish and learn to give. Learning to understand the needs and demands of the other person and often think, "What can I do today for it (for him) to please?". And yet it turns out that we have an elementary can not listen to each other, each trying to talk about their everyday concerns and is not interested in the life of another. Is this love?

The book known psychologist Svetlana Peunova"About love" has these words: "Love - is feeling the impact, the breadth of the soul, but not euphoric. This feeling two, collaboration and creativity. Love - a feeling. " And further: "Love - a feeling of calm." That is feeling confident, generous soul and self-sufficient man who is not worried as he had not been thrown, will not be jealous and worry. It will just be glad that half there and that she was there.

And it will be to learn to give, and not require all theMore and more, will not put the conditions and make a scene. Try to deeply understand a loved one, but do not wear yourself composed mask on him. On belief of psychologists, most families do not really know each other, to say nothing of people who have just met. And when you learn better (eat a peck of salt) - you will understand, it is love or just infatuation.

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