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Love is never without pain?

Love is never without pain?

Young girls and boys often dream of finding true love, which would not cause pain.

When still faced with real relationships, which sometimes bring great disappointment, the question of the existence of happy love.

Love in philosophy

Although philosophical ideas can be difficult to apply toreal life, you can try to understand the love and the pain associated with it in this aspect. Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov divided into three kinds of love.
The first type - descending love: when one man can give to another more to protect him and save. Such love is more pronounced in the parents to their children and is based on an unconscious feeling of pity.
The second kind of the opposite of the first, and is calledsuch love is rising - from children to parents. Children awed by those stronger and smarter than them, and that in this sense founded their love. And the third kind of love - an equal. Equitable love is often characterized by the spouses. Incidentally, in the Bible there is a hint that the love between God and the people is precisely such as spouses.

Theory into practice

But to apply the philosophical theory to real life is difficult. However, this separation may give an answer to the question whether there is love without pain.
Often there are couples who haveinstead of an equal love, found the interaction of ascending and descending. This is often expressed in the lead: in loving union must be the master and slave. If the sum is so, then this love is probably happy because one would feel responsible for each other and not be able to cause real pain, and the other, in turn, will marvel at each new act first.
If love is equitable, that build relationships andIt does not hurt my heart a little more complicated. The Union will be followed by the eternal struggle for leadership, and relationships without deep introspection and honesty will lose support.

How to avoid pain

Respect for each other - a basis of trust, and,hence, love. Often, the person ceases to control myself not to notice the causes discomfort your sweetheart. That is why you need to talk more and to express dissatisfaction at once, instead of accumulating dumps fiery anger inside.
The source of the pain often becomesbetrayal. Betrayal may be cheating or simply break relations for some other reason. To try to avoid this outcome, you need to be open-minded person, and you will see how people will open in front of you. Do not neglect the inner world of its halves, as it is the most fragile, that it has. So you, at least, will provide happiness without pain to someone you love.
In fact, you will feel clear whenYou meet the right person to you. To build a happy relationship is very difficult though because people find it difficult to agree on something. But if love is real, then you are sure to find a common language and do not experience the pain of loss.

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