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Lovage: application, properties and contraindications

Lovage: application, properties and contraindications

Lovage - spice is popular, but its use is not limited to cooking and nutrition. Due to its unique properties, this plant is widely used in cosmetics and traditional medicine.

You have to know when to harvest lovage, to avoid trouble, because in some periods of their growth and development of this plant is poisonous.

Lovage - interesting perennial,which is widely used in medicine, cooking, nutrition and cosmetology. With pleasure it is grown in the garden plots as a spice, in addition, lovage looks very impressive, its presence is a real decoration of the garden. Nobody will bypass the attention of the two-meter handsome, decorated umbrellas difficult, but do not forget that without proper control, this plant is able to grow in these thickets and weeds to be malicious.

Useful properties of lovage

For many centuries, lovage is used in cooking,as well as in traditional medicine. Its medicinal properties allow the use of this plant in the healing of purulent wounds, abrasions, to get rid of freckles, age spots, and dandruff. A decoction of the root of lovage can be used in diseases of the digestive system, nervous system, and this plant stimulates motility of the gastrointestinal tract, has choleretic, antihelminthic action. In addition, lovage is widely used as a stimulant of male power and essential oil extractor is a good aphrodisiac. Another interesting use of lovage - it helps to get rid of alcohol addiction. There are many recipes on the basis of this plant, preparing tinctures, decoctions, extracts of its roots.
Useful properties due to its lovagerich composition in its roots organic acids detected minerals, tannins, resins and several vitamins. However, the use of lovage need very careful, because during his overdose or misuse of drawing and decoctions of this plant can cause kidney failure and poisoning the body.

Contraindications to the use of lovage

Do not eat meals with the addition oflovage or its use for the treatment of pregnant women, people suffering from hemorrhoids, acute inflammatory diseases of the kidney: acute nephritis and glomerulonephritis. This is due to the fact that the use of this plant causes the flow to the pelvic organs, so it can provoke miscarriage and aggravation of diseases. In addition, lovage can be harvested only at certain times, in September. In the summer, before flowering and during it, and part of the roots of this plant are poisonous.
The recipes of traditional medicine using rootslovage. To do this, they need to dig, wash thoroughly and cut into small pieces and dried in the open air in the shade. After drying, the root of a plant can be stored for a long time in a dense glass container lid.

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