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LOVESTOCK: application, properties and contraindications


Lovestock: application, properties and contraindications </a>

Ljubistok is a popular spice, but its use is not limited to cooking and dietology. Due to its unique properties, this plant is widely used in cosmetology and folk medicine.

It is necessary to know when it is possible to prepare a lover to avoid trouble, because in some periods of its growth and development this plant is poisonous.

Lubistok is an interesting perennial plant,Which is widely used in medicine, cooking, dietology and cosmetology. Willingly it is grown in the garden areas as spice, in addition, the lover looks very impressive, his presence serves as a real garden decoration. No one will bypass the attention of this two-meter handsome man, adorned with complex umbrellas, but do not forget that without proper control this plant can grow into real thickets and turn out to be a malignant weed.

Useful properties of love

For many centuries, lovers have been used in cooking,As well as in folk medicine. Its medicinal properties make it possible to use this plant when healing purulent wounds, abrasions, to get rid of freckles, pigment spots and dandruff. Decoction of the root lyubistok can be used in diseases of the digestive, nervous system, also this plant stimulates the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, has a cholagogue, anthelmintic effect. In addition, lovage is widely used as a stimulant of male power, and extracting essential oil serves as a good aphrodisiac. Another interesting application lyubistok - it helps get rid of alcohol dependence. There are many recipes based on this plant, tinctures, broths, extracts from its roots are prepared.
Useful properties of love are due to hisRich in composition, its roots are found organic acids, minerals, tannins, resins and some vitamins. However, using lovage should be very careful, because when overdosed or improperly used, the extracts and broths of this plant can cause kidney failure and poisoning of the body.

Contraindications for the application of lyubistoka

Do not eat meals with addedLove or apply it to pregnant women, people suffering from hemorrhoids, acute inflammatory diseases of the kidneys: acute nephritis and glomerulonephritis. This is due to the fact that the use of this plant causes an influx to the pelvic organs, so it can provoke spontaneous abortion and exacerbation of diseases. In addition, lovage can be harvested only at a certain time, in September. In summer, before flowering and during it, the parts and roots of this plant become poisonous.
In the recipes of traditional medicine use the rootsLove. To do this, they need to be digged, rinsed well, cut into small pieces and dried in the open air in the shade. After drying, the root of the plant can be stored for a long time in a glass container under a tight lid.

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