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The dog lost what to do?


The dog is lost, what to do?</a>

In recent times, cases of disappearance of pets have become frequent, and there are a lot of reasons for this, but each of us should be prepared to immediately start looking for your friend!

You will need

  • - Color photo of the missing pet-
  • - Lithuanian, advertisements for distribution (with detailed descriptions and photos) -
  • - information on the location of markets where animals are sold (zoo markets) -
  • - information about private shelters and nurseries-
  • - information on the temporary keeping of the animals of state capture
  • - and much more



Once you have discovered the disappearance of the pet, first of all, you need to quickly bypass as much as possible the territory where the disappearance occurred, in this case, you need to remember that:

- if the territory is familiar to the dog, then the search should beTo be conducted both on the territory familiar to it, and beyond its borders. Be sure to inspect the roadway very carefully, the dog could cross the road and get lost or be in a panic. Find out from passers-by whether they have seen the intimacy of catching homeless animals-
- if the territory is not known to the dog (oftenDevotion plays a cruel joke, since a pet can escape in search of a host from a temporary home, whether relatives - on vacation or a vet clinic), in this case the search area will expand significantly, as the dog will move in search of his home. In this case, the dog is able to overcome tens of kilometers a day. There have been cases that the pets came home without knowing the road and being very far from home, but also the practice of searching showed that pets can go and quite in the opposite direction.

During the bypass of the territory it is necessary to notifyAll counter owners of dogs, janitors, residents of this territory and just passers-by that the dog is lost - with a detailed description of her appearance, preferably with a color photograph. In case there are suspicions of abduction of the pet, then in the shortest possible time contact the law enforcement authorities.


If as a result of circumvention of the territory you are a dog soAnd did not find it necessary to prepare flyers (in the form of business cards) and ads (with detachable coordinates) with detailed descriptions and photos, often the active role is played by the promise of reward. You should not specify the special signs of the dog and the stigma numbers, let those who found them call you yourself, in extreme cases you can specify the first and / or the last digit!
Ads must be placed throughout theThe proposed territory of the pet's location, in the places of a large gathering of people (stops, shops, polyclinics, as well as in vet clinics, pet stores, dog-walking areas).

Place your ad:
- in schools. Give out the leaflets to schoolchildren - the children show great enthusiasm when you address them with such a request-
- in a taxi and public transport. Often, dogs go further than the proposed territory-
- in social networks (forums, various sites), TV channels and newspapers. It is also necessary to look through sources of information on the animals found.

Attention! Announcements often very quickly tear off, therefore, every day look through the territory of the placement and, if necessary, glue it again. Also pay attention to the probability of placing counter announcements about the find of the animal.


In the shortest time you need to call and travel:

- private shelters and nurseries-
- services for trapping stray animals-
- places of temporary keeping of animals of state capture-
- all VET clinics of the city-
- the breeder and / or the organization where the dog was purchased (in the case of such a factor) -
- the police in case you have suspicions of kidnapping.

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