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How to lose weight without sagging skin

How to lose weight without sagging skin

As you know, the problem is more rational to prevent than to fight for a long time with its consequences.

If you plan to lose weight, and even more so in thean impressive number of kilos, you should understand that the risk of skin sagging quite velik.S age skin elasticity is reduced, which increases the likelihood of unsightly wrinkles and sagging.

Weight loss, especially sharp, makes the body volumeless, and have stretched skin simply does not have time to adapt to new dimensions, and going the extra folds. As it turns out, it is not necessary to lose weight at all, so as not to become a Shar-Pei? Of course not, because it is not so hopeless. To avoid the negative effects of weight loss, you need only to follow some rules and guidelines.

First of all, do not try to lose weight too quickly. This is a basic rule, observing that you can give your skin time to take a new shape without sagging and the formation of surpluses. What should be the most optimal rate of weight loss without damage to the skin? According to studies can lose weight by not more than 5% of the original weight per month. Only this will allow the pace integuments adapt to the process of weight loss and do without unpleasant consequences. There is also the important recommendations that must be followed in the process of weight relief, so as not to overshadow the results of which appeared harmony.

Be sure to engage in sports. It is heard by all, but not everyone does. But physical activity will not only help to burn extra calories, activates the metabolism and give your body tone, but also a very beneficial effect on skin condition. Fat deposits will be replaced by muscle tissue, and the skin becomes more elastic. Think of the body athletes, what their smooth and tightened skin on muscle relief. Additionally, use the opportunity to visit bath or sauna, especially good to come back after a workout, or set aside for water treatment special bath day. After the steam necessarily plunge into the refreshing pool, or font, temperature contrasts very good tone the skin.

If the bath is impossible to walk or eatmedical conditions, take home a douche. Simple and to all known procedure activates blood circulation, trains the vessels, strengthens and tone the skin. Just take a shower should not from time to time, and every day, then it will be a real effect. Assist and slightly warm bath with sea salt and essential oils. Taking such a pleasant procedure best courses in a day or two, a total of 20 baths, and then take a break. Water treatments combine with a regular body peeling, best coffee, as well as self-massage stiff mittens or special massagers.

It helps keep the skin toned andget rid of the problems that have already arisen massage. It is best to do a course of anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage massage or a lifting specialist. You can alternate or combine massages with wraps, clay or the algal better. Then chances droop in your skin will not be at all. Home help your body with special creams and masks with lifting effect. Their regular use gives good results, but try to choose products of proven brands, even if they are more expensive, but the real action.

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