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How to lose weight with the help of training on the stairs

Training on the stairs

With the onset of summer, many are beginning to think about their figure. And of course, everyone knows that to keep yourself in good shape is hard enough without physical exertion.

But as a gym, you can use the stairs in your own home.



Forget about the fact that your house has a lift, and start to use only the stairs. The effectiveness of training with the help of a ladder facilitates the efficient burning of fat.


Go up the stairs and step over step, then quickly, you can even run down downward. Climb the stairs at a run, and after, on the contrary, only to step back ago.


Go up two flights of stairs, do ten sit-ups and jogging go down. Repeat this exercise 5 times.


Again climb the two openings with the performance side attacks every two steps. Repeat 5 times.


To burn calories very effective running up the stairs, complete with push-ups against a railing.


For additional load during training on the stairs can be obtained by performing squats after the descent.

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