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How to lose weight in training


How to lose weight in training</a>

Sports exercises, weight training andAerobic exercises contribute to weight loss, or more precisely, to reduce body fat reserves. But sometimes long hours spent in the gym or at the stadium, do not lead to the desired result.

This means that a person violates certain rules of losing weight.



Often losing weight is perceived as a decreaseBody weight. Choosing to achieve their goal of sports training, many people do not take into account that when exercising, muscles that weigh more fat inevitably increase, and as a result the readings on the scales stand still or decrease very slowly. Therefore, the first rule for those who want to lose weight - do not rely on the scales. It is better to measure the body volume or estimate the pace of weight loss in appearance. Do not be afraid that the muscular mass gained by volume will replace all fat - it can happen only if you take protein shakes and are specially engaged in bodybuilding.


To effectively lose weight in training, you needMost of the time to be allocated to aerobic exercise - this is a quick pace at which the heart rate increases. In this case, the first few minutes the body takes energy from the glucose contained in the blood, after which it gradually switches to the splitting of fat. Move at the same time at a moderate pace, so as not to suffocate - in this case, the muscles will receive enough oxygen. You can do jogging, aerobics, skiing, fast walking.


Take away the smaller part of the exercise with powerExercises. Despite the fact that fat is not burnt directly in the process of strength training, such exercises also contribute to weight loss. Muscle mass increases and at rest requires a large expenditure of calories, which, with the same diet leads to weight loss.


Do regular and long enough, otherwiseThe body will not begin the metabolism rearrangement and will not split fatty tissue. With rare and too complex, and even more so with light and short training, on the contrary, the process of storing fat begins. In order to get the maximum benefit for losing weight with a minimum of time, try interval training. Alternate activities: one and a half minutes of push-ups, then two minutes of running in place, so that the muscles do not get tired of the monotonous load.


Remember that correct weight loss should not pass too quickly. You do not need to lose more than two or three kilograms per month. Such weight loss is much more effective, the result will be fixed for a long time.

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