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How to lose weight in training

How to lose weight in training

Sport exercises, strength training andAerobic exercises promote weight loss, and more specifically, a decrease in the body's fat reserves. But sometimes long hours spent in the gym or at the stadium, did not lead to the desired result.

This means that a person violates certain rules of weight loss.



Often perceived as losing weight reductionbody weight. Choosing to achieve its goal of sports training, many people do not consider that the muscles will inevitably increase with physical exercise, which weigh more than fat, and as a result of reading on the scales stand still or decline very slowly. So the first rule for those who want to lose weight - do not focus on the scales. It is better to measure the volume of the body, or evaluate the rate of weight loss on the appearance. Do not be afraid, that to gain muscle mass in terms replace all the fat - this can only happen if you are taking protein shakes and especially a bodybuilder.


You need to lose weight more effectively in trainingmost of the time is devoted to aerobic exercise - it is a class at a rapid pace at which the heart rate increases. In this case, the first few minutes of the body takes energy from glucose contained in the blood, and then gradually moves to the breakdown of fat. Move with the need at a moderate pace, so as not to choke - in this case, the muscles will be supplied enough oxygen. It can be jogging, aerobics, skiing, walking fast.


Taps smaller part of the training forceexercises. Despite the fact that just in the process of strength training does not burn fat, these exercises also contribute to weight loss. Muscle mass is increased and at rest requires a lot of calories costs, with the same diet leads to weight loss.


Engage in regular and long enough, otherwisethe body begins to metabolic alterations and will not break down fatty tissue. In rare and very difficult, and even more so when light and short training sessions, on the contrary, the process of storing fat begins. With a minimum of time to get the maximum benefit for weight loss, try interval training. Alternate activities: fifteen minutes of push-ups, then two minutes of jogging on the spot, so that the muscles do not get tired of the monotonous load.


Remember that the correct weight loss should not take place too quickly. No need to lose more than two to three kilograms per month. Such weight loss is much more effective, the result of entrenched for a long time.

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