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How to lose weight in the hips

How to lose weight in the hips

Too bulky thighs spoil even the most beautiful figure.

Make them slimmer help properly selected set of exercises and a balanced diet.

Be patient - weight loss process will take several months.

But the reward you will a beautiful figure, excellent state of health and the ability to wear the most fashionable clothes.



Look carefully at the figure. Do not try to bring it to the model standard - perhaps your body is very different proportions. However, any hip can make a more toned and beautiful, getting rid of excess fat and tightening the muscles.


Develop a program of proper nutrition. Exclude from the menu "fast" carbohydrates - high-calorie cakes, chocolate bars, candy. It is necessary to abandon the semis, breaded, fatty meats, sausages and fried dishes. The basis of the diet should be raw and cooked vegetables, lean meat and fish, complex carbohydrates - whole grain bread and cereals. Eat small meals 4 times a day - this helps to maintain a sense of fullness and protect against overeating.


Increase activity. Quickly lose weight and strengthen muscles will help to curb the walking area, cycling, jumping rope. Walk at least an hour, and in a fairly rapid pace. Learn basic techniques of self-massage, and twice a day, rub the skin firming and moisturizing creams. They will help seal the skin and massage improves blood circulation and speed up the fat burning process.


Take gymnastics. To look perfect thighs, you need to strengthen all the muscles - the front, back and inner thigh. If the first run more or less active, the internal muscles and the back surface should be possible to load in training.


Begin the exercise with one approach andgradually increase it to three. Perform the exercises at a rapid pace, making each 10-20 times. Start with simple tasks and gradually move on to exercises with weights - a barbell, dumbbells. Develop muscles of the front of the thigh help squats, back will put in order the slopes with the weights, and the interior - mahi with varying amplitude feet.


Complex start with warm-up. Five minutes of dance to at a rapid pace. Then stand in support left side and right foot describe semicircles, holding elongated toe. Do 20 repetitions, then do the exercise with the other leg. Get up to the starting position, keeping your right hand for support - for example, the back of the chair. Raise your left leg, bending the knee at a right angle and keeping the foot parallel to the floor. Helping with the left hand, describe a semicircle hip first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Do the same exercise for the right leg.


Lying on the right side, put your weight on the bent inthe elbow, straight leg stretch. Lift the left foot, without pulling sock. Do not overwhelm the back and bend your knees. Take 20 rapid strides, first one and then the other leg. This exercise strengthens the fine inner thighs. A month later, the training can be complicated, fulfilling swings in a heavy shoe.


Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, feetabut the floor. Alternately, tilt left and right foot, keeping the knees together. The hips should feel the tension. When tilting the knees should touch the floor. On the tear off your waist and do not turn over on his side - should work just feet. This exercise stretches the muscles of the side of the thigh.


To form a beautiful line of the rear surfacehelp squats with weights. Pick up a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. Feet slightly apart, feet parallel to the hold. Do deep knee-bends, moving as much as a fast pace. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times. Next, stand on a small platform, hanging with her heel. Perform a deep bench of the bar, repeating the exercise 12 times.

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