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How to lose weight in the thighs


How to lose weight in the thighs</a>

Too bulky thighs will spoil even a very beautiful figure.

To make them slimmer will help to properly choose a set of exercises and a balanced diet.

Have enough patience - the process of losing weight will take many months.

But the reward to you will be a beautiful figure, excellent state of health and the opportunity to wear the most fashionable clothes.



Carefully consider your figure. Do not try to bring it to the model standard - perhaps your body has very different proportions. However, any hips can be made more fit and beautiful, getting rid of excess fat and tightening muscles.


Develop a program of proper nutrition. Eliminate from the menu "fast" carbohydrates - calorie pastries, chocolate bars, caramel. It is worth to abandon the semi-finished products in breading, fatty meat, sausages and fried foods. The basis of the diet should be raw and boiled vegetables, lean meat and fish, complex carbohydrates - cereals and whole wheat bread. Eat small meals 4 times a day - this will help maintain a sense of satiety and protect against overeating.


Increase activity. Quickly lose weight and strengthen muscles will help walking along the terrain, cycling, jumping rope. Walk for at least an hour, and at a fairly fast pace. Learn the techniques of self-massage and twice a day rub the skin with firming and moisturizing creams. They help to tighten the skin, and massage will improve blood circulation and accelerate the process of fat burning.


Do gymnastics. For the hips to look perfect, you need to strengthen all the muscles - the front, back and inner surface of the thigh. If the first work more or less actively, then the muscles of the inner and back surfaces must be loaded as much as possible in training.


Start the exercises with one approach andGradually increase it to three. Do exercises at a fast pace, doing each 10-20 times. Start with more simple tasks and gradually go to exercises with weights - a barbell, dumbbells. To work out the muscles of the front surface of the thigh will help squats, the rear ones will put in order the slopes with burdening, and the internal ones - legs with legs of different amplitude.


Complex start with a warm-up. Five minutes of dancing at a fast pace. Then stand at the support with your left side, and with your right foot describe the semicircles, keeping the toe elongated. Do 20 repetitions, then do the exercise with the other foot. Rise to the starting position, holding the right hand behind the support - for example, the back of the chair. Raise the left leg, bending the knee at a right angle and keeping the foot parallel to the floor. With your left hand, describe the hip with a semicircle first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Do the same exercise for the right foot.


Lying on the right side, lean on the bent inElbow your hand, straight legs extend. Raise your left leg without pulling your toe. Do not bounce over your back and do not bend your knees. Make 20 quick swings first one, and then the other foot. This exercise perfectly strengthens the inner surface of the thigh. A month later, training can be complicated by performing mahi in heavy shoes.


Lie on your back, bend your knees, feetRest on the floor. Alternately, tilt your legs to the left and to the right, keeping your knees together. In the thighs, tension should be felt. When tilting, the knees should touch the floor. On tear your lower back and do not turn on your side - only your legs should work. This exercise stretches the muscles of the lateral surface of the thigh.


Form a beautiful line of the back surfaceWill help squats with weights. Pick up a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. Slightly spread your legs, keep your feet in parallel. Do deep squats, moving at the fastest possible pace. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times. Then stand on a small platform, dangling his heels from it. Do a deep bench press, repeating the exercise 12 times.

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