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How to lose weight by 1 kg a day

How to lose weight by 1 kg a day

Sometimes urgent need to lose weight in a matter of days onthree or more kilograms. Too often, the methods of rapid weight loss should not be resorted to, as it is not very natural to the human body.

But arrange a semblance of discharge diet, during which cleared a kilogram a day, once every three months can be no damage to the body.



Good weight decreases if drinking dayOnly mineral water. Preferably without gas. Suit for such cases medicinal-table kinds of water. Such as "Borjomi", "Essentuki" and others. The whole day can be as much as you want to drink water. But be sure to drink at least half liters per day.


With its handling of the day, duringyou will lose up to one kilogram of weight on apples. Divide into five parts per kilogram of green apples, better seasonal, growing in your area. Throughout the day, five times to eat only apples. In addition, drink water - cooled boiled, bottled, mineral. Drink should be 1.5-2 liters per day.


Spend a whole day on kefir one percentfat. Throughout the day, your diet - it's just a liter of yogurt, divided into parts, as well as drinking water. You can drink water as much as you want.


Another type of handling of the day for the loss of excessweight - green tea and buckwheat porridge, cooked in a special way. In addition to three to four cups of green tea in the day you need to drink a liter of plain drinking water. Buckwheat cook so. On the evening before the day of discharge, you wash out a glass of cereals. Then fill it with boiling water in a pot (2 cups). Heat the pan with a towel wrapped. In the morning you can eat buckwheat.


Strengthen action fasting dayadditional active physical movements. Spin the hoop on the waist for an hour or pedal bike home. Take a walk in the fresh air, walking vigorously at this time. The more steps taken, the more likely to lose weight. You can make a half-hour gym at home or visit for this purpose fitness center.

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