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How to lose weight and burn fat while exercising at the gym

How to lose weight and burn fat while exercising at the gym

Use of the gym is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and at the same time to get a beautiful figure with relief muscles.

However, to achieve such a result is possible only with regular employment and well-constructed training system.



Refer to a professional trainer. As anaerobic and strength training should be performed strictly under the supervision of a true professional in their field. He will select suitable for your figure and the level of training and training system will insure against injury, which can be obtained from overloading and improper exercise.


Visit the gym regularly, but not onmood. To achieve results, it is desirable to engage in at least three times a week every other day. And ideally - every day, working through different muscle groups. You should start slowly, with each week increasing the load to the body and the body does not get used to it.


Takes at least an hour a day. This necessarily combine strength exercises to work through muscle anaerobic exercise, which helps to burn fat. Best of all, if the training will begin on a treadmill or stationary bike, where watching and should not be less than 30 minutes to start the process for burning fat. Then to go a set of exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups, and is once again complete anaerobic training on a treadmill or stationary bike.


Eat right. Remember that wearing down myself in the gym will bring little effect, if after eating hamburgers. To lose weight, you need a comprehensive approach. That is why it is necessary to limit the intake of food, preferring fresh vegetables, meat and fish. From time to time you need to also eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates, such as pasta from durum wheat or grain dishes. However, it is better to eat in the morning and in the evening to give preference to food protein.


Avoid eating two hours before exercise,otherwise in the classroom will be burned only calorie intake, rather than subcutaneous fat. The last body begins to use only in the event that power over to take nowhere. Also, do not eat anything for an hour after the workout as the body after exercise for some time, there are processes for fat burning.


Do not worry if the first weight will notto leave, because you will not only get rid of fat, but also to accumulate muscle mass. Despite the fact that the scales will stay in place for a long time, the subcutaneous fat is gradually replaced by muscle mass. Over time, you no harm to health can boast slim, and most importantly - fit body.

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