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Installation of the ceiling of plastic panels - the procedure is not complicated.

Due to its light weight and ease of panel installation to cope with this kind of work under the force of even a novice.

Self Stucco plastic panels allow you to save considerably and due to the relative cheapness of the material, and by eliminating the services of professional builders.

You will need

  • - Profiled guide
  • - The panels of plastic
  • - perforator-
  • - samorezy-
  • - shurupovert-
  • - Hacksaw and metal scissors
  • - "liquid Nails"-
  • - Ceiling rack profiled
  • - Plastic ugolki-
  • - knife-
  • - stuslo-
  • - Direct podvesy-
  • - Rag.



Determine the distance between the groundthe ceiling and the ceiling of the future of plastic panels. Please note that if you plan to do recessed lighting, then this distance should be at least 12-14 cm. This is necessary so that you can remove in the space with all the wiring.


Make the frame for plastic paneleyNanesitemarks on the walls in the ground next frame fixing. Cut the guide profile into pieces of desired length. Attach the profile around the perimeter of the room using a punch. Cut off from a ceiling rack profile segments necessary for the length of the crossmembers. Attach the cross to the guide profile by means of screws. Attach them to the ceiling using direct hangers.


Carefully measure the plastic panels. Cut the panel the desired size using a hacksaw for metal.


Start the installation from the corner of the room. Place the panel as close to the corner and attach it with screws to the transverse profile.


Take the following panel and insert one of its sides in the grooves of the first panel. Attach the second side to the frame with screws. Assemble all of the following panel by analogy.


Attach the plastic corners around the perimeterceiling. The ends of the corners need to be cut. Gently apply the "liquid nails" on the surface of the ceiling moldings. Firmly press the baseboard to the ceiling. Remove excess glue with a cloth. Installation of plastic parts will hide the joints and will give your ceiling a neat and finished appearance.

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