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How to Lose a balcony

How to decorate a balcony

After a long winter is usually a balcony covered with a thick layer of dust on it accumulated cans, boxes and unnecessary stuff, in general - the picture is bleak.

Glazed balcony, do not relax, proceed safely to the finish to the inside, he looked no less beautiful than the outside.

Then you can spend more time with a cup of tea on the balcony of a beautiful, finished with his own hands.

You will need

  • - Wall paneling,
  • - Screws,
  • - Rail.



Lining is the most popular material for finishing balconys and loggias. It differs from the other positive characteristics of materials, which makes it so widely used. One of the main advantages of lining is that it moves easily in direct sunlight. Many owners of plastic panels balconye notice an unpleasant smell of plastic duringespecially hot days. In addition, lining is absolutely natural material and excellent insulation, so help in the cold season to reduce heat loss.


If you would like to purchase some of the skills in the field of renovation and construction, then try to trim balcony with their hands, the more this is no big deal. But you need a lot of patience, then the desired result you will be provided.


The first step is to fix the wooden slats, which will form the basis for finishing balconya. Secure them carefully - from the top, middle and bottom of the wall, as from a reliable fastening depends on the durability of finishes. Do not forget about insulation balconyand, for these purposes will suit polystyrene foam,which is to lay between the wall and the lining, with the optional use of screws. Polystyrene differs remarkable insulating characteristics, surpassing even the foam.


Collect battens follows: one pin board insert into the grooves another, while secure them to the rails by means of nails or screws. Thus obbeyte entire inner part balconya. The entire stage of work should be carried out carefully.


Make sure the lining is laid evenly and cover all the walls. There should not remain any free corner.

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